Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday July 18, 2016 - The One with the Spreadsheets

This has been a crazy week here in Charlotte. It's been such a blur
these past few days  trying to get everything figured out and adjust
to a new area. But I'm doing pretty well.

So transfers were on Tuesday. We spent most of Monday night going
around to visit and say good bye to a lot of people. Then I finished
up packing.

Tuesday was quite the day. After studies I finished getting all my
stuff together then we were picked up by a member and driven down to
Charlotte for our transfer. I met my new companion Elder Peterson,
said some final goodbyes to the Elders from Danville and headed over
to my new apartment. The new place is pretty nice. It's bigger than
the house in Danville, which to be honest isn't hard to do. The kitchen
is pretty small but at least I have room to breathe which is nice.

We're serving in the Pineville ward in Charlotte South stake which is
by far the smallest geographical are I've served in. It's so strange
that I actually have to worry about accidentally leaving the ward
boundaries. It's about a sixth of the size of my previously smallest
area I was in. Elder Peterson is so great! He is from Farmington, Utah
and is a spiritual giant. He's a short, stocky, football and rugby
player. He's pretty quiet but we get along great! He is a super hard
worker and very committed which is wonderful to be around.

To be one hundred percent honest I can't even remember what happened
for most of this week. We were just out working all day everyday
trying to find new people to work with. We are really trying to make
it a goal to find solid new investigators, people we could actually
see getting baptized. We don't want to waste our time so we have been
really picky and selective about who we are teaching and counting as
new investigators.

Thursday we had our interviews with our mission president. They went
really well. We came back a few times throughout the day to say hello
to the new missionaries in the zone and to train the district leaders
on their responsibilities. They are all new District Leaders so it's
going to be so much fun!

Friday we had District Meeting. There are two districts that meet at
one of the buildings in our stake so Elder Peterson and I split up and
each went to one of the meetings. Afterwords we went onto lunch with
one of the districts to a place called Firehouse Subs. It was good but
way overpriced.

Sunday was a blur. Our church doesn't start until 2:30 in the
afternoon which is the latest I've ever seen it. We were able to go
out and visit some people yesterday morning before we had to go to our
meetings. I spent lunch time playing with a new app I got. My current
assignment has me working with numbers so I got to play around with an
app called Google Sheets which is kinda like excel. I got to program a
spread sheet to make it easier to read. It was pretty fun.

Send Me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

My new Companion and I Elder Peterson!


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