Friday, 26 August 2016

Monday May 16, 2016 - The one where I hit the curb

This week has been quite a good one. Unfortunately, since we're going
golfing today for a district activity, I don't have a ton of time to
write down everything that happened.

Monday night was a good one. We had a late dinner after teaching with
a Less Active family.  I sat there
and read books to their kids for a bit then the two boys started fighting each
other over what book and who got to sit next to me. Haha

Tuesday was a great day. We had a miracle morning where so many people
came up to and started talking to us. It's always so much easier that
way. Tuesday morning was crazy in another way. We were getting ready
that morning and we saw ambulances and fire trucks in front of our
house. Apparently our neighbour had a heart attack and passed away. It was really sad.
We baked him brownies one lunch and brought them over to him. The
other Elders went to the funeral on Saturday. We couldn't because we
had appointments. We did stop by and drop off the brownies and shared
a video about the plan of salvation with him and his sister in law.

Tuesday night was memorable for a different reason. So we were coming
in from teaching for the night and as I was pulling up to the curb I
hit it. Now this normally wouldn't be too bad, however, the curb in
front of our house is broken in one spot so juts out a bit. Well I
happened to hit perfectly that piece that juts out which caused me to
dent the rim, gouge the tire, and pop the hubcap off. It was
simultaneously funny and embarrassing at the same time!

Wednesday I went on exchange to the Eden ward. I went with a Elder
Stewart. We had a good time together. I got to do my first baptismal
interviews for three kids that they have been working with. It was a
great experience. We drove down to their baptism this weekend to show
our support. Their coordination meeting is really late in the evening
so we didn't have anytime to do things after so we played a game of
ping pong with their ward mission leader and got milkshakes. I love
having fun on exchanges.

Thursday was a day of service. We spent all morning helping out a lady
lady in our ward with her house she is moving into soon. She got us
lunch and then dropped us off. We went straight from that service
project to another one with a Part Member family. We did their yard
for them since the husband is very sick. After that was done we went
home and did our weekly planning session.

Thursday night there was a crazy huge thunderstorm. It was absolutely
pouring down of rain and there was so much lightning hitting
everywhere. Luckily I saw it coming and put on my coat but Elder Ashby
got completely soaked from just short little sprints into and out of the

Friday we had Zone Conference which is always wonderful. Elder
Everett, Sherman, Masoe and I sang the musical number. We sang a song
Elder Masoe and his aunt wrote. It sounded really good. Since the
meeting was all the way in Greensboro we got back late. We taught a
couple of lessons that night.

This weekend we had Stake Conference and Elder Merideth from the
Seventy came. He was super funny. We didn't get back from the Saturday
night session until after 10:30 so we were tired and didn't even plan.
Overall it was a good week.

Send me picture, read your scriptures
Love you!
Elder Galvin
Me and the damaged Hub Cap

Zone Conference


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