Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday July 11, 2016 - The One where we get stuck at Krispy Kreme

Wow! What a crazy, insane, Danville (yes that's an adjective) week in
Danville. So things are really busy for me today because I'm getting
transferred. I'll be heading down to Charlotte to my forth and most
likely last area. Should be a lot of fun!

So. What's happened this week. Well it started off with a really fun
4th of July. Since we heard that we won't be able to tell the
difference between gunshots and fireworks that night we decided it
would be best if we stayed in. Especially since we live in the ghetto.
We did have a Cookout with a few families in our ward which was fun. I
went garbed in my Canada Glasses and America shirt over my
proselyting clothes. It was fun.

Tuesday I went on exchange with Elder Simpkin again. It was fun. We
met in Danville on Tuesday night where went out to Dinner with our
friend from one of his old areas and Elder Ashby.

We exchanged back at this big Hawaiian thing they held at the stake
center on Wednesday night. It was a total blast. Our investigator went
up on stage to participate in the hula. It was so funny. The crazy
story of that night was we didn't get home until after midnight
because our ride locked their keys in her car when we stopped at
Krispy Kreme for donuts.

Thursday was full of a bunch of Doctors visits for Elder Ashby's arm.
We finally got a cast on. I hate American medical. Friday we had a
zone meeting. Elder Ashby and I trained in it. It went pretty well.

Saturday was when we got the call. We were at Buffalo Wild Wings with
the Caswell Elders because their member wanted to take us out as well.
As soon as we pulled in the Parking lot I got the call. Then I had to
give the phone to Elder Ashby. Then when we were at the table Elder
Kristensen got a call from President to train. It was a crazy night. I
spent Sunday saying goodbyes and teaching and being busy.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Red Robin...Yum with the District

Lunch out with our friend

At the 4th of July Cookout 


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