Tuesday, 15 September 2015

September 14, 2015 - The One Where I Only Have to Make Two Meals

This was probably the best week ever. No joke. It went by so fast which was great and it was so full of so many miracles it wasn't even funny!

It started Wednesday with one of my best exchanges ever. Elder Mautz, one of our Zone Leaders, came with me to Albemarle. They came to our district meeting and our district went to this nice Japanese Restaurant for lunch. Then I said goodbye to Elder Burkhart and we headed back to Albemarle. By the time we got home we really only had an hour to proselyte so we tried to see some people quick and do exchange criteria and an iPad check. We got picked up by a Hmong YSA and a recent convert and we went to the Hmong house for dinner. It was a blast! Elder Mautz got a Hmong name by eating a pepper. He struggled, it was really funny. I got it on video.

After that we taught the recent convert and the lesson went amazing. We were really able to teach well and bounced off each other nicely. We got dropped off at the church where we met a YSA girl in the Ward who we took out to see one of our investigators. We couldn't stay long but it was a nice visit. Then we went and visited a less active lady and that too was a short visit because it was raining and she never lets us inside.

Since we already worked through our plans and it was only 7:40, we decided to go to Dairy Queen since our back up for the night wasn't home until 8:00. Elder Mautz and I have identical tastes in music so we were able to reminisce and remind each other of everything we've forgotten over the months. We then went to our next appointment and walked into a miracle.

We were intending to teach a recent convert about the temple, but instead found a members aid in the house. We decided we would read out of the Book of Mormon with them and invited her to read with us. She agreed and we read two chapters together. She loved it! We taught her all about the Book of Mormon and how it helps us. When we were talking to the member she was just sitting there reading it. She took our number and is going to call us and set up a time we can teach her family!

The next day was great too. We weren't exchanging back until 1:30 so we had the morning to get some things done. We headed to the church to make a Facebook post and I ended up teaching an investigator over Facebook. I was not intending to do that but we were not complaining. After that went to our first appointment for the day. We started teaching this one guy who we met on Labour Day but he left halfway through the lesson because he got called by his sister to go give her thirty cents. Seriously. He got a phone call right during our lessons and he had to leave to give his sister thirty cents. We were very confused but oh well.

We went to Sonic for lunch since Elder Mautz had gift cards and he spent over twenty dollars on the two of us. There was so much food! We went to the church to eat because we wanted to watch the new Addiction Recovery Program videos the church put out. They are amazing by the way. We ended up giving some of it away to the other Elders since we saw them at the church about to teach a Facebook lesson.

Sadly the time came that the best, most productive, most fun exchange I have been on came to an end. But we did see them shortly after they left because Elder Mautz forgot his towel. The rest of that day was weekly planning and dinner. We went out with a member but no one was home. Oh well.

This Friday we were very glad we didn't die. We got a voicemail from our mission president the day before saying that a bunch of stuff was apparently going to go down and there was a chance we might get shot or set on fire. That didn't happen though. We did help a lady in the Ward pack up and move some things to her new house.

That afternoon we ended up dropping one of our investigators. It was really sad but it was a clean break.  We got picture with him though and we left with hugs even though I hate them. He said to come by anytime. We had dinner with the C family that night and went out to Wendy's with them. I ate out so much this week that none of the food I bought last week I ate so I hardly had to buy anything today.

Saturday was full of miracles. We spent basically the whole day with a couple of recent convert YSA people trying to visit some less active YSA. We had moderate success there. We went out to lunch with them (more eating out) and afterward to visit the M family. They are the tracting miracle of the area. Since I've attempted contact with every former investigator on our area book,  and physically talked with about 80% of them, we have had to do something to try and talk to people. So we have been tracting. Everyone always knocks it (haha pun) but we have seen some great success from it.

We taught the M's the Plan of Salvation and they agreed to be baptized! After we taught them their friend walked in and said she was interested in learning more so we taught her right there too! They all agreed to come to church the next day but only the M's came.

There was also the Ward picnic on Saturday afternoon which were able to go to. It was a lot of fun and there was more food we didn't have to buy or make there. We were supposed to teach a YSA couple at the church that night but they didn't show up. Instead one of the other Elders investigators decided to show up to the church for the first time so we toured her around. She said she was going to McDonald's but ended up at the church for some reason. It was meant to happen that
way I think.

Sunday was great. The M family came to church and loved it again. They are coming again. Lunch yesterday was one of two meals I made all week. Oh I just remembered. We got transfer call on Saturday night and Elder Burkhart and Kristensen, and Sister Stiemle are getting transferred. It's sad to seem them all go but we're looking forward to new missionaries!

Well, it's time to play some uno!
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Love you!
Elder Galvin

Elder Mautz and I

Our "tough" District Picture

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

September 8, 2015 - The One with the Blackout

First of all Happy Birthday to my dad! He got older this last week! 

This was a really great week. We were able to teach a lot of people and I was just really good.

Everyone under the sun decided they wanted to move so we spent a lot of time moving people. We helped the couple families pack up and move stuff onto U Hauls and it was actually a lot of fun. I got to sweat a lot and it makes up for my poor morning workouts! I've actually been repenting about that and have gone for a run a few times in the morning. Actually I run and Elder Burkhart rides his bike next to me.

We had a zone meeting this week. The musical number went amazing. I think it sounded really good. The funniest thing was after zone meeting though. The Concorde missionaries accidentally locked their keys in their running car. So how it happened was the one missionary turned on the car while the other one was standing outside.  He then got out of the car and closed the door, not realizing that the door was locked. Luckily we were in Charlotte so they were able to call the vehicle coordinator and get it sorted out. After zone meeting the couple that drove us took us out to a 50's style diner. I had a very delicious hamburger.

Friday this week that was a really crazy storm that knocked out the power in town. Going in between teaching appointments was really spooky. We had to cancel one of them because of a hailstorm. But the other two went really well. It was like driving through a ghost town because none of the street lights were on and the only thing that was illuminating the road was the headlights of other cars. Luckily our apartment had power. 

We had a bunch of people at church this Sunday. Jeff came to church but we will probably end up dropping him tonight. It's a really sad thing but he doesn't want to be baptized because we are the 'one true church. ' Doesn't make any sense I know but that's basically why. It bothers him that other churches are wrong and we are the one true way. We're gonna teach him tonight and make it sound a little less harsh but still get our point across. We'll see if he's accepting or not.

We also had a family at church that we tracked into last week. After we met the lady we found out that she's actually really good friends with a less active member and afterwards we were able to utilize the inactive member to help and we are teaching them all on Saturday.  We're going to reactivate the one girl,  baptize that girl's boyfriend and also baptize the new family. It'll be great!  At least that's what the plan is but when have plans ever worked out?! :(

Send me pictures.  Read your scriptures.
Love Elder Galvin
Albemarle Elders today at the church playing UNO!

August 31, 2015 - The One with Lots of Sleeping People

This was a pretty average week. And that's a good thing. It started great and fizzled by the end. It was overall pretty average.

Monday night we had the most perfect lesson ever. It started by having dinner with our bishop and our progressing investigator. We had some great conversation over dinner then we went into the living room to teach. And this on its own would have been fantastic but it got even better. Not only did we have a member home lesson in the bishops house but then the High Priests Group Leader walks into our bishops house and sits down to join in the lesson! Two of the powerhouse members were both present at a lesson! It went great. The best part was just after the lesson was going stale, we asked the investigator to pray and sincerely ask if what we taught was true. He gave such a heartfelt prayer and we all just waited. He sat with his arms folded and head bowed for like twenty seconds. Then he looked up and said, something
tells me it's true. It was such a great moment!

Tuesday morning we did some service at habitat for humanity. It was different than the usual moving furniture around. They had received a truckload of stuff and we helped them unload and inventory it all. That afternoon we had a pretty neat experience. We were having a not so good time that afternoon so we decided we were just going to go knock some doors where we were parked. (One of the few places in this town I haven't been) as soon as we get out of the car the lady on
the porch of the house we were parked in front of asked who we were. When we told her she was a bit hesitant but we were eventually able to get her to listen to us. Half an hour later, she was convinced that what we taught was true, she cried her eyes out as she prayed for the first time and it was pretty amazing. Unfortunately she has completely ignored us twice now. That's pretty typical of most people even when they have experiences like that. The best time was when we knocked on her door and she yells who is it, we respond, it's the missionaries, she then yells back, I'm asleep, and then never answered us when we yelled back. Oh well.

Time for a mini rant. I think the one thing that absolutely blows me away is how much time people spend sleeping. Like I feel awkward knocking on someone's door at eleven in the morning just in case they're still in bed. The amount of times I have seen a groggy person in their pajamas answer the door at three in the afternoon is crazy!

Thursday night our friends from Habitat for Humanity took us out to CiCi's pizza for dinner. They have loved us helping them out for the past months and wanted to thank us. It was great to see how thankful people are when we serve them. The other Elders have actually taught a couple of the people that work there.

Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was great. We got some amazing trainings on using the Bible and music more in our lessons. I was part of a musical number that we did. We sang let Zion in her Beauty Rise. I had to sing the tenor part which was slightly less than fun but it sounded good. The zone leaders liked it so much we were asked to organize the musical number for the upcoming zone meeting. I received some inspiration during a person study the other morning and we are
going to sing the words of Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer, to the music of O My Father. It sounds really great!

Friday we applied our trainings from Zone Conference and were able to sing for and use the bible with our investigator. He really enjoyed it. We had a less active man out teaching with us. We have been trying to think of
different ways we can get him to feel the spirit and motivate him to come back to church so we brought him to help us teach our lesson. It worked out pretty well.

Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Kristensen. He came to our area. Exchanges are probably my favourite part of missionary work. You get to spend time with someone different and they break up the monotony of mission life a bit. Plus Elder Kristensen is probably the best person ever and him and Elder Valgardsen are the missionaries
I've spent the most time serving around on my mission so I know them pretty well.

Overall this was a pretty decent week.

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Love you!
Elder Galvin
The only picture I took this week was
of a very large spider!