Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Monday March 28, 2016 - The one with baking cakes and baked people

This has been a really great week here in Danville!

We have had some good experiences and some funny ones, where to begin?

I was able to go on two different exchanges this week. The first one
was with our District Leader, Elder Hungrige. He is a really great
missionary and we had a good time together. They serve in the least
populated area of our mission so when we went "tracting" it involved a
car and we talked to three people in one hour. Crazy stuff. We spent
most of the day with this really great recent convert. It was good

The second exchange was this Saturday. Elder Hungrige asked me to go
on exchange with Elder Everett. He wanted me to go to a small town in
our area to teach Elder Everett how to contact. Elder Everett has
never had any experience with that on his mission yet. We were really
blessed to find a wonderful person to teach and to talk to many more
about the gospel and the #hallelujah initiative. Elder Everett was
also able to talk to me about some of his troubles and I think I was
able to help him out a bit. It's weird because I'm the oldest age wise
and mission wise in Danville so they come to me with their problems. I
feel so inadequate because I'm all like, I know how you're feeling and
I'm still trying to figure it all out myself.

This Tuesday was one of our investigators birthdays. She was turning
21 so we decided to make her a cake. Unfortunately, in typical Elder
Galvin style, I decided I was smarter than the box and cooked both
halves of the batter in one pan. Let's just say it took a lot longer
than the cooking time on the box to get it done all the way through. I
took it out after half an hour and it was jiggling. Oops. We still got
it to her on time and she said it tasted good so that's lucky.

Oh! I realized I forgot to tell a crazy story from last week. Well
it's not too crazy in context of where we live but it was interesting
nonetheless. We were walking in the hood one night. Side note: I feel
like that is the intro to a lot of stories but if we leave our house
on foot we automatically are walking in the hood. Anyways, as we were
walking down a street there were a bunch of ruffians outside this one
house yelling at us. They had seen us on foot earlier that day and
they started asking us if we were tired from all our walking and if we
wanted something to smoke to relax ourselves. We walked away trying to
ignore them but instead they yelled some expletives. It was fun.

So this past week I got some cookies in the mail. (Shoutout to Nana!
You're the best) Unfortunately, they met an early demise. So we have a
bit of a problem with ants in our house. They are mostly gone but they
weren't when the cookies arrived and I accidentally left the container
they were in right smack dab in the middle of the trail they walk in
our kitchen. I thought that they were sealed but not so much. When we
got in for the night the container was swarming with ants. Realizing
we couldn't eat them anymore, (I did try one and it was tasty), we
solved our problem with rubbing alcohol and a lighter. We made an ant
fire with cookies as wood in the middle of our kitchen floor. The ants
died. Additional side note, Elder Andersen heard that if ants eat
ground up popcorn kernels they explode so we got some from a member
and have scattered it around the kitchen. They have reduced in numbers

Overall a fun week. We got good missionary things done too. This
upcoming week is meetings and interviews so there goes all our
proselyting time

but oh well.

Send me pictures, read your scripture,
Love you!
Elder Galvin


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