Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Monday Oct. 17, 2016 - The One with the African feast!

This was another really good week in Pineville. Things are trucking along wonderfully. This was one of those meeting filled weeks but we were still able to accomplish a lot. 

Last Monday night we had a "Canadian" Thanksgiving dinner of chicken wings with the Hernandez Family. It was super good! They bought a ton of wings from his place in town and we just had two giant boxes of them at the table and went for it. So good!

Tuesday was the beginning of all of our meetings. We dropped Elder Merrill off with the Elders in the Sharon Ward and drove to the Hilliard building for MLC. It was a pretty good meeting. Got to see a lot of friends as usual which is nice. Elder Peterson was there. We had this crazy three way type lesson later that night (once we were back from MLC). We were teaching Antonio, our investigator who is getting baptized on the 29th, his mom, Angelica who is a member and their friend Edith. Since they are all at different points in the gospel there was one point in the lesson where each one of the three of us, all speaking at the same time were teaching one of the three of them. We were crossing over and extending invitations and everything. It was great! Elder Merrill got to invite another person to baptism and they said yes so he was super exited about that. 
Us Crazy Pineville Elders!

Wednesday morning we planned for Zone Meeting with the Sisters. Before we went to the church we stopped by this place called Smoothie King where I literally spent $8.00 on a smoothie. It was super good though and had protein power and weight gain power and a whole bunch of stuff in it. Zone Meeting planning went well. We get off topic a lot and I feel like the bad guy when I have to tell people to focus. But whatever. The meeting got planned. We did our typical service at loaves and fishes afterwards. It was great!

Thursday was the first exchange of the transfer. After our weekly planning session we met the Catawba Elders at a diner, had lunch, then exchanged. Fun side story. In the middle of the our planning session a spontaneous water fight broke out. For exchanges, Elder Merrill and I stayed in Pineville and we got Elder Johnson who was actually in the MTC with Elder Merrill. So we had two new missionaries and a seasoned vet! We went tracting for the first time on Elder Johnson's mission and found two new investigators! Hopefully it was a motivator. I lead for a bit and afterwords sat back a little and made the new Elders do the talking. Elder Johnson was a little nervous but Elder Merrill seemed very comfortable. We also taught this one less active man that night the restoration to "practice" and I just had the two new missionaries speak the entire time. I think it was a good experience for both of them. 
Elder Merrill, Johnson and myself

Friday was Zone Meeting and it was incredible. I trained on the Book of Mormon and it actually made Elder Simpkin cry, Elder Simpkin! He never cries. He came up to me afterwords and say he's become a woman in the last two weeks. He says he is super emotional all the time. It is his last transfer. I hope that doesn't happen to me. 

Saturday was full of a lot of service. After studies we went to help someone move. It was a family in our ward who was moving just down the street from their current house. The move started at 8:00 and  we didn't leave until 12:30.  We didn't get there until 10:00 because we wanted to do studies first. After that we went and helped Sister Hernandez move some stuff in her house. 

We had a dinner with Linda and Lisa on Saturday night. She invited the Sister's over and her ward missionaries and we had an African feast. She didn't make anything American. It was really good. Some of it was a little weird, butt it was tasty regardless. We had peanut butter soup with tripe and goat, coco root and plantains, smoked turkey and a spinach sauce, chicken in sauce and some different kind of rice. 

Sunday was a typical Sunday. Had Antonio and some others come to church. It was the primary program which was incredible. Totally cried like three times. After church and dinner we came back to the church to help teach mission prep. It was super fun. 

Overall a pretty good week! 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

I almost forgot!!  The Ince family (friends from Ontario) and SISTER INCE were in the area and looked me up !!


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