Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monday December 7, 2015 - The one with the Lip Hemorrhage

So this was a great week here in Albemarle!  I'm pretty sure you've all
heard the news that I'm staying for another transfer! That means I'll
end up staying here for at least nine months. I don't know why I said
at least, there's no way I'm staying for the transfer after this.
Nevertheless I'm very excited to be here still!

This is been a pretty uneventful week. Teaching is going all right,
not the best we've done but not the worst either.

Last P-Day we had a district activity. It was a whole lot of fun. We
met a bunch of other missionaries at the Kannapolis building and
played ping-pong! The Stake President dropped off his ping-pong table at
the church and gave the missionaries free reign.

Wednesday this week while I was shaving after lunch I cut myself.
There was a lot of strange things that happen in this situation. I'm
using an electric razor so I have no idea how I cut myself. And the
part that's the worst was that my lip ended up hemorrhaging. It
seriously bled for the rest of the day. It was really awkward because
I thought I had it stopped it with a Band-Aid right before  a teaching
appointment. I took it off before the appointment but it started bleeding 
again. So I had to sit through an entire teaching appointment with a 
paper towel to my face. It was pretty hysterical. I walked around for a while 
with a band-aid mustache.

I bled through a few Band-Aids throughout the day and night but finally
managed to stop it before I went to bed. I slept with the towel over
my pillow just in case It leaked while I was sleeping. It was really

It was one day this week when we spent two hours walking in this
neighborhood. No one was even listening to us at all hardly. We found out
why after this lady pulled up and asked what we were doing. She told
us that there have been a break-in in that neighborhood in the middle
the day two days before that. Apparently everyone in the neighborhood
was all worried so they were less than welcome to strangers. Oh well,
you can't win them all.

We had a Zone meeting this week on Friday. It was Christmas themed
and it was really fun. They put me in charge of the musical number
again (again, again) and we did the song in this months Ensign
magazine. We had a couple sisters singing and I played the piano. It was
nice. The decorations they had set up were really nice. I was freaking out little
bit. I LOVE Christmas! We did a white elephant gift exchange
afterwards as well.

This Sunday we spent about four hours in the car. We had this random
DVD referral for a place called Peachland. It is about an hour and a
half away from the church. We went with one of the YSA in the ward who
is preparing for a mission. Afterwards he took us to our dinner
appointment which is about half an hour on the other half of the
church building. We spent a lot of time in the car and the lady wasn't
even interested.

Over all this week was good. Hope you have a great week as well.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Elder Simpkin and I posing for our Christmas card picture!!


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