Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monday February 1, 2016 - The One with First Aid and Sweet Potatoes

This has been a really great week here in Danville! I was finally able
to make it to church and meet the members of the ward which was really
helpful. Unfortunately, none of the four people we put on a baptismal
date recently came to church. One had to work, another had previous
engagement, and two just weren't home when the member went to pick
them up. It was disappointing.

I realized I forgot to share some neat facts about Danville last week.
So here they are! Danville has the highest number of churches per
capita in the entire United States. It also has the highest crime rate
per capita in the state of Virginia. Beautifully ironic don't you
think. We live in a cute little house nestled on the edge of one of
the ghettos in town. Seriously, there was a firefight two streets over
a few weeks back. Our house is lived in by us four elders and we all
share one washroom. But somehow we always can make it work.

This week marked a change in my southern fast food likings. There is a
fast food place called Cookout down here that, up until this last
week, was one of my favourites. Their food was inexpensive, delicious,
and they have great shakes. After district meeting in Wednesday the
member who drove us took us there for lunch. It tasted delicious but I
felt utterly ill the rest of the afternoon. So did everyone else. We
went back a couple days later to get shakes and again, I felt ill. I
think I'm going to take a break because I don't want to hate Cookout.

We have been doing a lot of fun little pranks amongst us four Elders
in our apartment. My favourite one is where we place sweet potatoes in
random locations throughout the apartment for other people to find. I
have found one in so many random places. For example, my toiletries
bag, in my bed, with my clothes, and my personal favourite was when I
opened up my satchel in the middle of a lesson to find a sweet potato
in there too! We have such a good time together here.

We play some really fun card games together and have a blast with that.

We have done some fun service this week too. We helped out at a food
pantry at one of the churches here in town this Thursday. We helped
the people carry boxes of food out their cars. We also did service for
a member who is renovating their home. Since there are a lot of run
down old houses in Danville, the city sells them really cheap so
people can fix them up to live in. We helped remove all the glue from
the wallpaper on his ceiling.

There was one crazy experience we had when taking a member out
teaching with us. We went to pick him up one morning and it took him a
while to come outside. When he finally came he had his hand in a sock.
When we asked him why apparently he had cut himself. He randomly had a
razor in his pocket and when he put his hand in his pocket he cut
himself pretty bad. We did an emergency pit stop at our apartment
where we ran in and grabbed some Kleenex and band aids and did some
first aid. We got it all situated so we could go out teaching.

There was one day this week we did a lot of walking around. Well that
was most days but there was one day in particular. We had left the
house at noon and didn't get home until around seven. To make things
worse though when we got back to the apartment it was locked. And the
other elders had the keys. So there we were, cold, tired, and hungry,
with no way to relieve any of the symptoms.  So instead of eating some
dinner like we wanted to do before going out to proselyte, we had to just
keep on proselyting. It was exhausting. The funny part is as the
other elders were leaving the house one of them asked the other if the
back door had been left unlocked. He said yes. He was wrong.

Overall, it was a really good week. We taught a lot of people, found a
lot of people, none of them kept commitments but we just kept on
going. As we do.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Elder Anderson and I just chillin'


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