Monday, 28 November 2016

Monday November 28, 2016 - The One with the Christlike Poker

Is has been a pretty great week in Pineville. We are trying to stay busy.

Tuesday we went on exchange with the Catawba Elders. I went down to
the Reservation with an Elder Johnson. We had a good time. We did some
service for this Children's shelter. We washed the windows on all of
the buildings. One of the lessons we taught was actually with two
kids there whose baptismal interivews I did last month. We went
to their district meeting the next day all the way down in Lancaster
South Carolina. The branch building there is an old Chinese restaurant. It was
like a fifty mile trip home!

Thanksgiving was good. We had one dinner with the Hernandez family.
That was a tone of fun. We played poker with them after dinner using
Hershey kisses. I was their daughter's partner who is eight and when
we'd win a lot of money we would give it away to people who didn't
have as much so they could keep playing. It was a lot of fun. We had
another dinner afterwords with two other families in the ward who were
eating together. That was a ton of fun too.

We went on another exchange Friday with the Elders in the Sharon Ward. It
was pretty good. We went and stopped by Adolfo's house. Someone I
taught back in the summer in our ward. He was interested in meeting with
the elders again which was really great to see. We went over to one of
their members houses for dinner. We had another thanksgiving and we
were coerced into eating ridiculously hot hot sauces. Oh well.

Sunday night was pretty weird. Elder Merrill went to a
 lady in our ward who is trying to help him with his headaches. It's supposed to
take some time to work but we're driving 200 miles round trip tomorrow
for him to go and see a doctor. We're hoping something helps fast.

Overall a good week. We are pretty busy with putting together the
choir and musical stuff for this weekend. Elder Rasmussen got a violin
on Saturday so we were playing around with it at the Alexander's house
where we picked it up. I was on the piano, he was playing violin and
Elder Merrill sang. It was really nice. I also got to play trumpet
again at Bishops house last night. It was fun.

Send me picture, read your scripture,
Love you!
Elder Galvin
We got treated to dinner out this week!

Elder Holman plucking my eyebrows ;)

Thanksgiving dinner at the Hernandez


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