Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday August 22, 2016 - The One where we get free hibachi

This has been a crazy busy, crazy successful, absolutely insane week.
Unfortunately, I have to keep this email pretty short this week as I
spent about four hours this morning cleaning the apartment,
rearranging furniture etc. because Elder Peterson and I are going be
getting a new missionary! I will share a couple of highlights from the

We got free hibachi at restaurant this week. We had a dinner
appointment cancel so we went to this fancy Japanese place. It's one
of those places where the chef cooks your food right in front of you
and does crazy stuff with fire. Food was incredible. There was this
man who used to be RLDS who we chatted with over dinner and he was so
kind. He payed for our dinner for us.

This week we went on a three night exchange. I went with Elder Everett
after our district activity on Monday and he came with me back to
Pineville. We had a great exchange over the two days and we exchanged
back after district meeting on Wednesday. I was with Elder Peterson
for a total of forty five minutes because we went on yet another
exchange after. I went with a new missionary down to Fort Mill.

We had a good day. We found the first new investigator of his mission
together. I also saw a Canadian Bank while I was there. We were in
South Carolina so apparently they have a random TD banks in SC.

We had this lesson where we taught to Spanish Speakers. They were a
referral from our bishop and we brought a Spanish speaker with us and
she translated the lesson for us. It was such a neat experience.

Alright. Sorry. I wish I could write more. I'll de better next week!

Send me pictures, love you scriptures!
Love you!
Elder Galvin



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