Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday June 27, 2016 - The One with Steak and Surgery

This was a pretty good week in Danville. It was pretty busy with a few
exchanges this week. There were also quite a few crazy events that

After District a meeting on Wednesday we went on exchange with the
Zone Leaders. I went down to Greensboro with Elder Rasmussen. He is a
nice kid. We had a pretty productive day together.

I got to preform some minor surgery on Elder Murray this week. He has
this weird infection cut thing on his hand. So armed with the only
tools a missionary had, hydrogen peroxide, nail clippers and a razor
blade, I set off to work. I was able to cut off a lot of the dead skin
and remove the nasty stuffy without making him bleed.  It was quite
fun actually.

There was another medical mishap this week. Thursday night Elder Ashby
and Stephens were messing around. Then Elder Ashby threw a punch at
Elder Stephens, his his shoulder strange and, long story the short,
broke his wrist. We didn't realize it at first but he didn't sleep at
all Thursday night. We were planning on going on exchange with the
Eden Elders on Friday. I was going to stay in Danville and Elder Ashby
was going to Eden but since he was in so much pain we had to last
minute switch everything around. We sent him to a urgent care that
morning while I waited with Elder Murray for the Eden Elders to
arrive. They put his wrist in a brace and a sling and he is going in
tomorrow for a cast.

My exchange went really well. I went with Elder Stewart down to Eden
and we had a good time together. We were able to talk a lot and we
played board games together after planning which was fun.

Saturday was a pretty blah day. We did make some steaks! Elder Ashby
got some shipped from his mom through something call Omaha Steaks. I
cooked them up using the broiler since we have no grill. I also made
broccoli and potatoes to go with it. It was pretty tasty expect I
overcooked the steaks. Oh well a little more medium well than medium
rare. Oh well. Granted I had two different cuts of steak so I had to
take two out early.

Overall it was an amazing week. We had a great sacrament meeting on
Sunday with some phenomenal talks. (General Conference worthy)

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Our Steak dinner!

My poor baby!

Exchange with Elder Rasmussen


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