Friday, 26 August 2016

Monday May 2, 2016 - The One where I get to hang with Elder Simpkin

So, this was yet another crazy week. Holy cow, time is going so fast.
I'm beginning to more fully feel the effects of how fast time travels
on your mission. My cousin in law? told me this was going to be the
fastest year of my life and at the moment, his words stand true.

I really wish I had some great stories from this week, or that I could
tell you we are doing exciting things, however, it's a lot of the
same. Oh! I thought of one thing.

This week I did go on two exchanges. From Tuesday morning to Wednesday
morning I was in the Eden ward with my good friend and previous
companion Elder Simpkin! We had a great time together and had a couple
interesting experiences. For one, we saw a car crash happen in front
of us as we were driving. Second, we taught a guy who owns a bakery so we 
sat in the kitchen and he ranted on about who knows what. All I caught was he 
likes to witness in the streets with his guitar, and he prays Donald Trump gets elected. He
did give us oatmeal creams pies that were home made. They were tasty.

In the middle of our exchange we got a call from the zone leaders
asking if they could go on exchange with me right after our district
meeting the following day. I said sure. So Elder Pottle came with
myself and Elder Everett to Danville. He was really impressed because
our day was basically, get in car, drive, get out of car, teach,
repeat. As it seems to go on Danville now. We did service the next
morning and I got to mix cement. Elder Pottle also broke our ward
members lawn mower...Ooops

The rest of the week was spent teaching everybody. We hopefully should
have a baptism Mother's Day weekend. They have their interview
scheduled for this Wednesday so please pray all goes well.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures
Love you!
Elder Galvin
A Selfie cause I took no and Elder Everett


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