Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday June 6, 2016 - The One with the Lasagna Cake

This week has been a pretty great one. There has been quite a lot
going on and it's oh so hot outside. Like I have literally stopped
caring about how much I'm sweating because wiping it it pointless. I
just let it drip off my nose and chin.

This week we said goodbye to Elder Everett and hello to Elder Murray.
He is such a great guy. Very fun and very tall. There used to just be
small Elders in Danville but the size is slowly increasing.

 Memorial Day was a lot of fun. We ate so much food. It was
disgusting. So, first I of all, a member and his wife took us out to a
Chinese Buffet for lunch. Then we went to a Golden Corral. Yet another
Buffet place for dinner. Then we went to another members house and
made Filipino food. It was so tasty but I was disgustingly full at the
end of the day.

This weekend I went on exchange with Elder Simpkin. We had quite a
wacky experience. First of all. Before an appointment the man we
were going to teach called us and asked us to pick him up some milk to
drink. I had to go to Walmart to buy a gift bag for Elder Ashbys
birthday present so we figured we'd kill two birds with one stone.
After purchasing the milk we ended up driving out to this random rest
home that, if the lights were flickering, I would have said could have
been out of a horror movie. It's was sketch. We no sooner gave the man
the milk in his room that he shut the door and essentially plotted his
escape. He told us he was going into a seizure and started yelling at
a nurse to call an ambulance. He had us help him pack up all of his
stuff in a suit case. Then he called an ambulance for himself! He made
us help him carry his stuff outside and sit with him so he had
witnesses to him being taken by the hospital. It was nuts. 

Sunday was Elder Ashby's birthday. I bought him a tie he really wanted
but he didn't know about it. I wrapped his gift and left for him to
find when he got up that morning. It was really a good day. He bought
himself a lasagna to cook on Sunday night and since we didn't have
cake or candles we lit a toothpick on fire and put it in the cake.
Then we sang him happy birthday. It was hilarious.

Today was a good P-Day. Most of it was spent in travel down to
Greensboro for a zone activity. We played pioneer paintball which is
where you dye flour and put it in nylons. You make these little
grenade things and we played capture the flag. It was really fun.

Hope you have a great week!
Send me scriptures, read your scriptures,
Elder Galvin

Elder Simpkin and I

The amazing Filipino Food we made

Bye Elder Everett :(

Certified Elder "G"

At our Zone activity


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