Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Monday March 14, 2016 - The one with Jam sessions and Chinese

This has been a great week in Danville. We have been extremely busy so
not a whole lot of crazy stuff happened.

First, some miracles. After having the spiritual experience in
sacrament meeting that I described last week something I didn't mention was the
feeling of something good to come. That was realized during this week.
Heavenly Father dropped tons or miracle people out of the sky onto us
and we just were swimming in blessings. Here are a few stories to give
you an idea.

We got a referral from a young woman in the Caswell ward. He is 17 and
lives in a town just south of Danville in North Carolina. She has been
teaching the gospel to him for a few months now, taught him how to pray,
shared many Mormon messages, the meet the Mormons Movie, a Book of
Mormon etc. He has been reading his scriptures daily for two weeks
now. He says he feels the spirit more studying our religion than any
other. He will need some great support from the ward, and friends. The
girl who referred him came with him to our Ward yesterday and he had a
really good time. He isn't ready for the lessons yet but we talked
with him for a while after church to answer some questions.

Another person was a girl who yelled at us from her car
window on Monday night. She asked if we were Mormon and we said we
were. She yelled her address at us and told us to come visit.
She told us as she drove away that she had met with he missionaries
before and she wanted us to come teach her. We did.  We saw her on Thursday
night with a member of our bishopric and it went wonderfully. She is
very prepared and asked to be baptized. She has attended church a few
times when she first met with missionaries.  The bishopric member
took us to a grocery store after our next appointments and bought us
Klondike bars!

We did have a huge Samoan Elder come with Elder Everett on exchange
this week. He came out with me and is a hoot and a half. Him, Elder
Everett and I were singing all night. He brought a guitar he borrowed
from a member and we had a little jam session. It was really fun.

Speaking of jam sessions, we had one with an investigator as well. Our
appointment had fallen through but the Spirit reminded me of a person
we had a taught like two months ago and never saw again. We called him
up and he was free so we went to the church and played piano for a bit
and then taught him. It was fun.

We also had zone meeting this week. It was way better than the last
two times which was a breath of fresh air. I managed to dodge the
musical number bullet for once but did have to play the piano.
Afterword we went to this Chinese food buffet with our district and
the Spanish Elders while we got our car serviced at the VW dealership.
It was funny we ate there because we had dinner with one of people we
reactivated and his family that night and they made Chinese as well!

Overall this week was super busy but all of it was boring things you
don't care to hear about.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin


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