Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday August 15, 2016 - The one with Stolen Keys and Skype lessons with my Trainer!

Wow! What an eventful week in Pineville. It has been absolutely insane
and so many funny things have happened.

The week started off pretty interesting. We had a zone activity where
we made crepes and played a bunch of games at the church. It was
really successful and a ton of fun! Unfortunately there was a big of a
mishap after the activity was over. We had just finished cleaning up
and we're going to leave when we realized that we didn't have our
keys. We search everywhere and they were no where to be found. Turns
out. And it's another story how we figured this out. The elders who
live in Monroe (about a 45 min drive from the church) accidentally
took our keys with them as well as their own. So we were stuck at the
church, in non proselyting clothes, with no way to leave. What we had
to do is have our recent convert who we were planning on teaching that
night come and pick us up, drive us to Monroe to get our keys and then
take us home. We just taught him in the car.

The big issue was we were planning on going on a double exchange
staring that night where I would spend two nights away from home
hopping between companionships but that had to get postponed. So we
ended up doing one exchange on Tuesday and were doing the other this

So Tuesday I went down to Fort Mill with Elder Richins who was Elder
Dortchs companion for a transfer. We had a really good day together.
There were so many crazy things that happened though!

One of the crazy things may cause lasting damage. While I was getting
into their members car I smashed my chin on the door and cut myself
pretty bad. Like not dripping blood bad but bleeding bad. I didn't
want to ruin our appointments so I just dealt with it the whole night.
The bleeding stopped after a while and I didn't make a mess at all.
Though I will probably have a scar. Woooo...

The next morning on our way to district meeting we were in the car
with the other Fort Mill Elders and we all witnessed Elder Richins
totally not even swerve to avoid this huge price of metal in the road.
We ran over it and the noise was so loud that Elder Peterson heard it
over the phone as I was talking with him. We were driving along the 
highway and I was like, You probably just popped the tire, check the 
tire pressure. Well. Three of tires were where they were supposed to 
be and one was at 8 PSI so me and the other Elders start yelling to 
pull over. We get into the parking lot of this apartment complex, get 
out the car, and see that the tire is completely flat!

We then get to have the lovely experience of changing a tire. Strike
two for Elder Richins was when we were jacking up the car. He forgot
to put the park break on so the car rolled off the Jack. Luckily no
one was underneath it. Oh boy it was a hot mess. The tire had like a
two inch long gash in it. They got it fixed after though.

The rest of the week was nowhere near as eventful. Well not things of
note at least. Just the usual. We did have that neat experience at
Starbucks where we got free drinks. (See my Facebook page) And the 
assistants were at our church one night doing a baptismal interview in 
Spanish so they took us out afterwords and I got a root beer float.
 It was so good.

My birthday was hectic. We had a zone conference that day which was
nice. I got to see some old friends. We shot these little paper
rockets we made at lunch when the meeting was done. Everyone sang me
and another Elder happy birthday  at lunch because we both turned 20.
Ugh. I can't believe I'm old now.

Saturday was busy too. We help an investigator move all of her stuff
into her new apartment. It was hot and her stuff was heavy but she was
so grateful. We brought her to the ward activity afterwords and taught
her that night. She was originally taught by Elder Dortch in an
adjacent ward but she moved to our boundaries and was out of contact
with the missionaries for about a month. We found her again and
actually got to skype Elder Dortch into the lesson. (he went home in July)
 It was so neat!

Overall a good week!
Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Fixing the Flat tire

Me and the them!
Skype lesson With Elder Dortch!!


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