Friday, 26 August 2016

April 18, 2016 - The One with the Back Porch Barber

This week has been quite eventful, but, I'll start with transfer news.
Elder Andersen is leaving and myself and the other two Elder's in
Danville are becoming a trio. It's going to be very busy going from
two companionships to one but I guess it's better to be busy than not.

I actually talked to President Alexander about the transfer because we
were all so confused. He told us that there are no Elders coming out
this transfer, because of that, they had to make significant cuts back
because about a dozen elders are going home. He tried his best not to
close any areas so some areas, like ours, took a hit. He is hoping to
have someone out there next transfer, or he said he will close an area
and send someone to us if it gets too much to handle. We are going to
try our best to manage.

This week we were blessed to be able to spend a day with Elder Zwick
from the Seventy and his wife. We arrived at the church at 9:00 and
didn't leave until about 5:00. Needless to say it was a long day. We
got some wonderful trainings that I won't bore you with details of.

Wednesday we had the final District Meeting of the transfer. We had a
bit of a party because it was Elder Hungrige's last transfer. He made
all of us dog-tags and certificates
that he had President Alexander sign. It was really thoughtful and

We did our usual service at the food pantry this week. They gave us a
ton of yogurt. And it was expensive stuff too. The perks of
volunteering there is they always end up giving us food to take home
which almost subsidizes our weekly food budget. It's really nice.

On of the other Elder's recent converts randomly showed up at the
house this week. He was in not and ideal living situation and decided
to leave it. Long story short, he ended up at a homeless shelter.
While he was there he was talking about how he really needed a haircut
so I offered to give him one. We sat him down in out back steps and I
cut it right out there on the porch. We had a few minutes so I didn't
feel too bad about wasting some time. He was super grateful for it.

Overall, it was a good week!
Send me pictures, read your scriptures
Elder Galvin

Elder Anderson and I


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