Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday July 25 2016 - The One where we get free t shirts

Wow! What a week in Pineville. So much happened and so many miracles
were seen. The Lords hand was in this week for sure.

Monday might started everything off right. We had a lesson and dinner
with a member and one of our investigators. His name is "C" and he
has been meeting with missionaries on and off for about two and a half
years. When Elder Peterson got to the area last transfer he was pretty
stagnant and not progressing but they taught a lot about real intent.
We taught him on Monday and he seemed to be super prepared. This was
the first time I'd ever met him. I was unsure because he seemed a lot
more ready for baptism than I had though so I just casually asked him
if he wanted to be baptized. He said he did and explained why. So
right after we asked him if he would be baptized on July 30th and he
said yes! So we are going over tonight to get everything set up for

Tuesday I went on exchange with a new missionary named Elder Homan. We
had such a good exchange. We biked a ton. Yes you read that right, I
biked. It was the first time getting on one in over a year but it
wasn't too bad. Except for the fact we biked about 20 miles that day.
Ugh. It was exhausting.

We had this crazy experience where we had biked to our dinner
appointment and got there about half an hour early. We decided to go
and try to find some people. Both of us had no clue where we were
going but we walked down this one street and eventually found a house.
We knocked on the door and I told Elder Homan to take the lead since I
had done it the rest of the day. As soon as the door opened he kinda
froze for a second then just bore testimony of the Saviour. I
transitioned into the resotration and the guy cut me off. He randomly
asked us for our shirt sizes. Elder Homan was like, uh, I think my
collar is a 15. I didn't have a clue but he was like, no, like your t
shirt size, and then he was like one second, he shut the door and went
inside. We hung out on his porch for a minute and he came out with a
stack of t shirts. He told us he had started a clothing company called
"prayer equals" and he gave each of us a free shirt. It was pretty

Wednesday was another great day. We had district meeting that morning
and had a really productive day. We spent the entire afternoon inside
the apartment going through our AreaBook and membership records and
updating everything. We messaged and emailed dozens of people, we
deleted a ton of people who were taking up space and were duplicates,
and it was totally exhausting. I didn't think it would be so tiring to
sit down with your iPad for five house but it totally is. We made a
list of all the members we have no info on and are setting out to

That night we had dinner with a Recent Convert Family know as the
"H" Family. The mom and four kids joined the church, one of the
kids wasn't intrested and the dad is still investigating. Two of the
kids are too young.

This family is just the best. I got to ordain one of the sons to the
priesthood on Sunday which was super neat. We took over teaching the dad
from the Sister missionaries because, well, they're new and he relates
better to us. We had such a spiritual lesson with him after dinner.
Another great thing was the mom gave us three referrals. One of them
we gave to the sisters in another ward. The other is a kid named
"A". He is friends with the sons in the family and we taught him
this week. He came to church and accepted a baptismal date for the end
of August! He is so great!

Saturday was hectic. Well less hectic more like we didn't wear
proselyting clothes all day. We helped the "H" family with their
carpet installation and furniture moving around. After we finished
that we help an older couple move their entire huge u haul into a tiny
apartment. It was neat because the people who moved in were members in
Albermarle so I know them already. I've actually helped them move
twice before. So third times a charm. We had a great lesson with  "I"
that night too. She gave us hamburgers to take home.

Also, we had a total miracle where the Lord just provided someone for
us. It was right after moving on Saturday. It was about 7:30 at night
and we were heading him to change and go teach. We had found two of
our goal of three new investigators for the week. Sunday's are swamped
for us with meetings and church so it's hard to do any proselyting.
Luckily as we were walking back to our car, sweaty and gross, we
talked to this guy who was playing at a park with his kid. He was
super interested in meeting with us, recently turned his life around
and we are going to teach him at the church this Tuesday. I know that
the Lord prepares the people and if we are committed to our goals we
will reach them.

Sunday was great. Sacrament meeting was super hot because the air
conditioning was broken. The talks were amazing. We had a few meetings
before church. Last night we had dinner with the" C" family
in the ward who is actually the daughter of the Bishop in Albemarle.
So I knew them already. It was fun to see them again. Overall a great

Send me pictures. Read your scriptures
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Some Pictures of my apartment!


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