Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday May 23 - The One where Shakespeare writes the Bible

This was a pretty regular week in Danville. Nothing really spectacular
happened. Nothing really horrible happened. Just a lot of the same.

As for some highlights. I went on another two exchanges this week. One with
Elder Masoe and one with Elder Everett. Elder Masoe and I were here in
Danville. We had a pretty good day. We had a member take us out to
lunch then come teaching with us. We saw some people then taught a
lesson at the church with one of the youth from another ward. It went
really well. I got up to date on some hip trends.

My exchange with Elder Everett went well too. We saw one of his
investigators and as we were teaching him, right in the middle of a
food lesson I might add, it went south fast. He started bringing up
random stuff about random things. He even was telling us the King
James and William Shakespeare wrote the bible together. She showed us
some thing in the bible that has Shakespeare's name in it. It was
messed up. His dates were off by centuries it was a mess.

We had interviews with our mission president this week. Those are
always good. We talked for way longer than we were supposed to. He was
already behind but he kept on being like, oh one more thing, or, oh I
want you to hear this thing I have to say to you. It was nice. He said
a lot of very kind things though I bet he says them to everybody.

We did our usually service. We helped on at the food pantry and stole
a bunch of Gatorade like usual. We also helped out with the one lady
in our ward to do her yard. She bought us pizza and subs afterwords
again. So tasty!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Elder Masoe and I

Elder Everett and I

Golfing last P- day

Dem some pasty legs...


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