Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday June 20, 2016 - The One with a dead cat


This has been a really great week here in Danville. It was super crazy
during the week but died down a bit towards the end. We have a good
night planned today so we should be able to keep the ball rolling.

A few experiences and stories from this week. I put a hole in a sock
for the first time on my mission! All of the socks I came out wearing
have held up the entire time which is a miracle to be honest. I
noticed last night that the socks I was wearing had a hole where my
shoe rubs against my heel. Oh well.

There has been an excessive amount of roadkill that we've seen this
week. I think the most sad one was the dead cat we saw in front of our
house. It was a tiny grey kitten that was super cute, even though it's
entrails became out trails. I took out shovel and moved it to the side
of the road. The horrible thing that happened was that the next day it
rained really hard and the cat got washed down the road a bit and
wrapped up in a tree branch that was lying on the street. So now
there's a kitty corpse that is gutless and rotting attached to a stick on
the road. So gross. So sad.

Additional commentary on strange things in the street. We found a used
pregnancy test on the road. It was negative. And we also see a ton of
weave pieces lying around everywhere. Summer hair?

I went on two exchange this week. One was with Elder Murray so no one
had to leave our area  which was nice. We had a good time. I also got
to go on exchange with my good friend Elder Kristensen! We had a
fantastic time. We taught probably one of the best lessons on my
mission together. We had an appointment with one of our investigators,
Johnny. He is a 17 year old kid who is a theological genius.
Fortunately, I knew Elder Kristensen is as well so I brought him as a
secret weapon. We went over with a member of our bishopric and had
just such a great lesson. I can't even describe it. The spirit was
strong and he said he was going to give Christianity another chance.
And if he becomes a Christian he'll be a Mormon

We've also been finding up a storm this week. We recently had a
standard of excellence reinstated of finding 3 new investigators. So
naturally, like the champs Elder Ashby and I are, we went and found 7!
One of which was such a miracle.

Wednesday we had a miracle in finding. We had just been dropped by a
progressing investigator couple. This was shortly after we dropped
lots of people who had stopped progressing. We went to to visit one of
our other investigators this afternoon. He has been taught
missionaries for a long time and this was going to be our last time
visit him. We knew his friend was planning on moving so we were hoping
that they would be the ray of light to rekindle our investigators
spark. We knocked on his door, dripping in sweat, and were let in.
Inside was our investigator, his friend, and the mother, brother, and
daughter of our investigators friend. After talking and teaching them
we found many connections they had to the church. They are interested
in attending church. They had just been praying to find a church that
they would feel welcome in and we happened to be there that day.

We did have interviews this week. It was really great! It does take a
huge chunk out of the day but it's worth it. Overall this week was
really great!

Send me pictures,more as your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

So sad...dead kitty

Speaker phone coordination meeting


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