Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday June 12, 2016 - The One with the Old House tours

Zone Conference...The Greensboro Zone

This was a pretty good week in Danville. Boy oh boy was it busy. It
felt like it lasted only two days.

So after Zone activity on Monday I grabbed my bags from the car and
loaded them up into the Zone Leaders van. We had a meeting we were
going down to on Tuesday and since I live like forever away from
Charlotte and we had to be there bright and early I spent the rest of
the day and night with them. We headed back to their apartment where
we finished emailing then we headed to our dinner appointment. We had
a good time and we spent the evening trying to visit some less
actives. But boy the night did not end there. Let's just say we spent
the entire rest of the evening shuttling missionaries around
Greensboro so that everything was set for the next morning. By the
time we got in for the night it was after 10:30 and there were six of
us in the van.

The next day we had a big meeting down in Charlotte. It was really
great. I got to reunite with a lot of friends and see some people who
I haven't seen in over a year! In typical meeting fashion we didn't
start on our way home until an hour after the meeting finished. So I
had to call my ride and tell him we were going to be late. After a bit
of a to do getting him to find where the Elders apartment was I headed
home to Danville. By the time I got home it was super late and I
hadn't eaten in eight hours so we did a drive by at McDonald's and I
got myself some nuggets. Oh and the Dairy Queen that burned down just
before I got there reopened so I got a blizzard too.

Wednesday and Thursday were the only full days I got to spend in my
area. There were good. Full of the typical proselyting schedule.
Thursday night, however, was a logistical masterpiece. Mostly because
it was thrown together last minute.

So we had set teams with a member. We had two appointments, one of
which we had another member meeting us at to help us teach. Sounds
fine right, well at 4:00 that after noon we get a text from our person
on teams saying they have two appointments set up that he was going to
bring us to. So we panicked. We spent the next fifteen minutes,
sitting in front of our investigators home in our car, a member in the
backseat, while our investigator in on the porch staring at us,
fingering out what to do. We ended up sending me with the member to
his appointments and Elder Ashby with one of the other elders to go to
our appointments, while the other was on teams. It worked out.

Friday we had Zone Meeting which was nice. The training was good and
plentiful. The Zone Leaders had their recent convert come and speak to
us. He also did the musical number and played the piano for us. It was
great! After Zone Meeting I went on exchange with Elder Sherman. We
went to his area down in North Carolina. It's the most rural area in
the mission. There's nothing there. Like at all. Nothing. They have
two traffic lights in the whole county. We were able to teach a few
lessons during the exchange.

Our dinner on that exchange was phenomenal. There's this man in their
ward who owns a bunch of really old houses. He took us to one of them
where we ate some food. I got to tour around the homes and look at all
this 200 year old stuff he's been collecting. It's staged beautifully.

This weekend good. We exchanged back after lunch on Saturday. For
dinner that night we took a recent convert out to get ice cream with
us. It's at this little place that really famous to all the locals. It
was super good. We went back to his home and taught him.

Sunday was good too. There was no one at church for some reason.
Barely sixty people as opposed to the usual 90ish. Plus all our
appointments fell throw that afternoon. So we went out and did some
finding. We weren't able to set any return appointments but we did
find a few potentials.

Well that's about it! Hope your week is great!
Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love ya!
Elder Galvin

Exchange with Elder Sherman

Sister Garlick and I

My old friend Elder Earnest and I


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