Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday August 8 2016 - The One where I ride the bus

This has been a great week here on Charlotte! It has been a bit long
and drawn out because of way too many meetings but that's just life I

Tuesday was a good day. We spent the day at a meeting. It was an MLC
meeting so there were missionaries from all over the mission there.
I got to see some friends which was really nice. We were piloting a
training that was just developed. It's an online proselyting training
that was developed in the Arizona Tempe mission. It's a series of
brand new videos and planning guidelines that we were the first to get
our hands on. It's going to be interesting to see how things change in
response to our feedback. All the videos and outlines have "draft" on

Wednesday we meet with the Sister Training Leaders to plan for zone
meeting. We decided to change the order the training was presented in.
We also planned our zone activity for today's p day. 

This week we spent a decent amount of time trying to learn and
implement our new training. We spent quite a few hours on Facebook
messaging and contacting people. We were really trying to hit our goal
of finding a new investigator on Facebook. Unfortunately it didn't
happen this week. But we definitely tried. We must have message
hundreds of people, from formers to random people and no one
responded. We cried. Not really but we should have.

Friday was our zone meeting. We had a bit of a technical mishap when
we had the wrong adapter for he iPad. We thought the one that some
missionaries were brining for us would hook up to a projector but it was
an hdmi adapter. So we had to have a member of our mission presidency
who was attending run to an electronics store and get an hdmi cord for
us. He showed up just in the nick of time.

We also had a great time this week with President Alexander. He wanted
to come out and teach with us. We brought him to a dinner appointment
and taught the family afterwards. Then we took him out with one of our
investigators. It was so nice to just be able to talk with him.

After zone meeting on Friday we went on exchange with the Elders in
the Sharon ward. It was the first time I've rode public transportation
on my mission which was super fun. I got to use bus passes. We totally
got rained on which seems to be an exchange habit of mine this
transfer. We did get stuck like five miles from the apartment without
a ride back. So we called like 20 people until someone came and picked
us up. Everyone in their ward is out of town.

The next morning Elder Peterson came to the apartment with the other
missionary and they taught a Skype lesson. Funny side story. So they
have a weight bench in their apartment so Elder Peterson put all the
weight on and lifted. Well when they went to do the lesson it was all
still on there so the elder I was with, who is pretty skinny too,
decided that he was going to try and lift it. Well. He got it up off
the rack and brought it down. Then couldn't get it back up. So the
two of us struggled for like twenty seconds to try and get it back up
on the rack, dying of laughter which didn't help the situation at all.

Overall a really good week.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

 Zone Activity at an Indoor Trampoline Park

My district at the Zone Activity
More Zone activity fun back at the church


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