Monday, 27 July 2015

The one with the birthday party and the return of the cockroach

Hello everyone! 

Hope you had a great week! Sounds like there were a lot of big things happening at home that I'm glad to hear about!

This week was pretty alright.  We were able to teach a few more people than last week which was really good. We are trying to surround ourselves with members because we know that this connection is what makes the transition to accepting the gospel easier. Nobody wants to talk to a couple of strange kids in ties, they want to talk their friends. So we are trying to become friends with the members so that they will feel comfortable introducing their friends to us. 

We went to a birthday party this week! We texted a lady in the Ward to see if we could come over and she said it was her daughters birthday. We didn't want to crash the party but she said we could come over anyways. We went equipped with party hats and a 'Happy Birthday' banner. It was such a blast. 

Last night we had a sequel. Phantom Cockroach 2: the Reckoning! I went to get some water last night and when I got into the kitchen it was waiting for me. This time we decided to end it. After chasing it from under the fridge, inside the couch and a myriad of other places, we finally herded it outside. I was able to sleep easy that night. Let's be honest I never sleep well anymore. You would think that a missionary would sleep really well being completely exhausted all the time but for me it's otherwise. I'm beginning adopt my fathers sleep habits which is a sad thing. 

We went over to a members home on Monday night and played some volleyball with his non-member daughter. We are starting to teach her so that should be good. She was supposed to come to church but didn't which was pretty disappointing. 

We went on exchange this week. I went to the "other Albemarle" with Elder Valgardsen. It was a really good exchange. We were able to talk a lot about some things that will help me out as a missionary. We also got to teach some really great lessons. 

This Saturday morning we were at the library setting up blogs. It's not ready yet but it will be another thing that we can use to share the gospel with people. It will be like Facebook posts only a bit longer. Stay tuned for the URL!

Sorry this email is a bit lackluster. I'm just really tired and can't think super clearly. Hope everyone has a great week! 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures!

Love you,
Elder Galvin
The Party Hat!

The District

The one with the car breaks down and we shoot rubber bands of toilet paper

This past week happened. 

Monday night was filled with some really great non missionary work things. We tried to see some people but no one was home expect for this one lady who was busy so said to come back the next night. To continue that story, we showed up and parked out on the road (she lives in an apartment complex). We saw her sitting out side of her house as we walked up. We walked around a building and she fell out of view. When her apartment came back into view she was no longer outside. And then she didn't answer us when we knocked on the door. 

We did get a text from my missionary mom, Sister Champagne, telling us to come by the shaved ice place where she works for a free treat. Which we did and it was wonderful. It was the first time that Elder Burkhart had met Sister Champagne so that was fun. Funny side story, this Sunday at church Sister Champagne totally put her hand on my shoulder and went into hug me not thinking. I just looked at her funny with my hand out. She then realized what she was doing and shook my hand instead. We had a laugh about it. 

Monday night also featured the most beautiful storm I have ever seen. We were heading out of the church when we could see these huge storm clouds just flashing with lightning. We sat and watched for like five minutes. After planning that night I sat outside in the rain with an umbrella watching the Lightning for almost an hour. It was insane. 

Tuesday was actually a really good day. It was the only really good day this week as far as missionary work goes. That morning we went over to A's house and taught his father's aid. Then we went with him across the street to the house of his neighbor. She recently moved in with her son.  She wants to get back into going to church so we were able to teach her. We also taught her again a few days later when we brought the relief society president over. We have a dinner planned with her, Artie, and two other women form out Ward this week. We hope that we can get her son into the church as well.

That night we were out with a member from out Ward and the GPS took us on a whole lot of roads that weren't really roads. It was quite the adventure. We were driving past people's deer stands in the middle of the forest and on peoples driveways and stuff. It's the problem with being on a reduced mile budget and having to drive everywhere using the shortest route. 

Wednesday we had interviews with our mission president which was good. It was nice to finally get to talk with him and get to know him a bit better. We were driving with a recently returned missionary in the Ward. As we were driving home the steering on the car was being really off. It kept on pulling one way and the other and the car was swaying a lot. As we were about fifteen minutes from home we were stopped at a stop light and we could smell this horrible burning smell. A couple of miles down the road the car started making this horrible noise and smoke was billowing out of it. Long story short, his dad and brother came to our rescue and we got driven back to the church. 

That night I had a really great little experience. It made me happy. The night before during planning I felt really impressed to go visit this one less active man who was on a Do Not Contact list. So that night we were in the area and we stopped by. He didn't come to the door right away and I was writing him a note. My companion was already standing by the car when he showed up at the door. He stepped outside and told us he was about to start dinner but asked if we could leave him with our number and he would call us. He never has called and I really doubt he will but I feel good about following a spiritual prompting. 

This Thursday we went on exchange with the zone leaders. We were able to call on a member we did service for as a last minute backup to drive us that night. We would have had to drive to Wadesboro (42 miles south of Albemarle) by ourselves. That is why you do service for active members! Because they will like you and you will repair the trust lost by other Elders! Plus they also take you to SnoBiz for shaved ice and another Sister Champagne visit. 

This Friday and Saturday aren't worth mentioning. We had some great days planned with some not so great results. Sunday was a lot of fun though. Elder Burkhart and I taught the Gospel Principles class. That went really well. 

Sunday night we went to Hmong Family Home Evening. It basically a party where a bunch of the Hmong members get together for food and they do a lesson and activity. The activity was a lot of fun. They took empty pop cans and tired it to a roll of toilet paper and you had to shoot and break the toilet paper using elastic bands. For the lesson we all got blindfolded and we had to wander around until we found the prophets voice. It was great. 

Hope you have a great week!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures

Elder Galvin 

At the Hmong FHE

The Broken Down Truck

Elder Lesueur and I (he's one of our ZL's)

Monday, 13 July 2015

The One Where We Pray with a Drunk Man on his Toilet

This week has been hard and I'm glad it's over. I wish there were more things to talk about but it can be summed up very well in the statement, "we tried". It was filled with a more than usual amount of cancellations, empty houses, unanswered phone calls and disinterested people. I'm just getting very worn out and frustrated. There were a few bright spots that happened. 

We had an interesting experience on Wednesday morning. We arrived at the church for what we thought was district meeting. We got everything set up, and we're sitting around waiting for everyone to show up. When it got to be 10:00 and no one was there we called the other Elders and asked when they were going to be there. As it turns out they weren't coming because we didn't have district meeting that day. Somewhere along the line we neglected to get that information. We did have zone meeting that Friday which made up for it. Those are always fun. 

Friday night we had an impromptu dinner and service project with a member in our ward. He was having a garage sale and needed help moving a fish tank. So we went over his house in our normal missionary clothes thinking we'd be moving just a fish tank. We were wrong. A single fish tank turned into clearing out his entire neighbors house worth of stuff and moving it to her living room so he could drag it out the next morning. We didn't have any solid appointments that night so it was alright. The only problem was that it was about 100 degrees in her upstairs and we were getting absolutely filthy, plus I was wearing a pair of dry clean only pants. But it was fun anyways. We felt sort of bad for not being able to teach anyone that night but the fact we would have faced rejection, we were repairing a loss of trust with missionaries, and he bought us snow cones afterwords made it all better.

We had a very interesting experience this Saturday morning. We had an appointment with M that morning and we had a member lined up to take us down there. She lives in a town called Norwood which is about fifteen miles south of Albemarle. Our ride cancelled on us and we decided that because that was basically the one set appointment we had managed to get the entire week we had to bite the bullet and ride down there. Well turns out she wasn't home so we were pretty bummed. However, Elder Burkhart observed a street name that we had been looking for about a week before. We had a potential investigator that lived on this street but the sisters had typed in the wrong city so we had no idea how to find him. We figured this would be our best bet. So we drove down the road but the house number didn't exist. We saw this old man on a scooter on the side of the road and decided we would ask him if he knew the person we were looking for. As we started talking with him it was clear he was incredibly drunk. He was hard to understand but we figured out that he wanted us to follow him. So we drove down the street following this drunk old guy in his motorized scooter. The story gets better. 

So we arrive at his house and he takes us inside and sits us down on the couch where he starts talking with us. He says we were sent by God to go and see him that day. He then grabs our hands and starts praying with us. He finishes and starts talking to us again about who knows what. He kept on repeating the phrases "because I am who I am" and "my god is no joke". He also told us about a hundred times that he was an undertaker. Eventually he got up and wanted to show us something. We follow him into his washroom and he sits down on his toilet to show us his bibles. Direct quote here "I like to read my bible when I go poo poo". After the washroom experience we takes us back to the living room, we pray again, and he has a violent cuss filled outburst on the advertisement for a funeral home. We taught him and a less active member that was there the restoration, said have a nice day, and left. He wants us to come back again. Funny side note, he's actually the grandfather of M. 

Saturday we also met a lady who wanted us to teach her again the next day, only she wanted to bring along her pastor with her. We agreed especially since the church she went to is one of the biggest in Albemarle and that would be quite the congregation to convert. But her husband came out quite angrily the next day and told us they were already members of a church and to go away. Oh well, we tried. 

Here's to hoping next week isn't awful. 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures
Elder Galvin

We went to DQ last p-day for blizzards...YUM!

Monday, 6 July 2015

The One With the Phantom Cockroach and a Hmong Name

Tuesday was the last day of the month and we realized that we had a ton of miles to blow. For those who may not know, I didn't before my mission, all missionary companionships have a limited mile/kilometer budget that they are allowed to use each month. Since we cover such a large area we have 1200 we are allowed to use. As of the 29th we had only used about 1050 so we decided that on Tuesday we were going to Wadesboro. Wadesboro is a town that is about a 45 minute drive to the south. We spent the day there contacting all the people that had been taught down there and saw some decent success. The biggest miracle was this one man named A. We had about fifteen minutes before we had to head home for our dinner and we had a list of about ten names left. So we picked one of the names, it was for a media Referral from about a year and a half ago. (It's a long story how we got his name in our area, basically the referral system switched over and every single media referral ever received appeared again on our iPads)  We decided we would try and see him. He didn't remember missionaries ever coming over to his house or even requesting anything but he let us inside to teach him. It went great and we went back on Thursday with a member to see him but he said it was a bad time so we are going to try and see him this week. 

That night we had another lengthy trip. We took one of our recently re-activated members out with us to Stanfield. Our member only has a two seated car since he is a single guy so we could not ride with him. None of the people we tried to see were home but thats pretty typical. He told us his whole story of coming back to church and how his girlfriend just got called to be a relief society president in her Ward. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a ton of friends to talk to about all these things about so we basically had a bro night with him. It ended with a trip to sonic. I got a strawberry malt. It was great. 

Wednesday was probably the worst Canada day ever. We had a really awful experience with a less active lady. We talked with her about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Which was a bad idea. She loves the Book of Mormon but is really struggling with Joseph Smith. She thinks we don't even believe in God. We told her we did believe in God. But she still chewed us out, got deeply offended when we tried to bear testimony of the prophet, and told us we weren't men of God. But one good thing...I did coerce everyone in my District into singing God Save the Queen at coordination which was nice. 

Thursday was a pretty good day. It was also the day that I developed a phobia of cockroaches. So I'm getting out of the shower, and I'm throwing a towel on the ground to step on. It no sooner hits the ground when I see a flurry of activity. The activity being a MASSIVE cockroach running across the bathroom floor. I freak out and am about have a heart attack. It finally crawled to where it was standing on my washroom wall. I quickly get ready and move in for the assault. Since this thing is probably 2.5-3 inches long I decided a shoe would be the best idea. Unfortunately I missed it and it crawled underneath our washing machine. It has not been seen since. I now live in DEFCON 1!!! 

We had a dinner this week with a young Hmong couple. He has this sort of initiation with the missionaries. You have to eat a Hmong pepper (comparable to a Thai Chili) and you get a Hmong name. My name is Hwj Cim Muas. It means "the power of". Elder Burkhart's name means gold money.  

We also got to meet our new mission president this Friday. He is such a a amazing person and his wife is super sweet. She is very quiet and he is pretty not. They are going provide such great leadership for our mission and will be very helpful in preparing us for life as well since he is a super successful person. 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures

Love you!
Elder Galvin

The One with a Myriad of Mishaps, Most Involving Bodily Fluids

This has been quite a week. But since you all want to know about transfers I'll spill the news. So my new companion is Elder Burkhart. He is from, wait for it,... Utah. He lives in the Salt Lake Valley in a town called Taylorsville. He likes cooking and ballroom dancing. He has been out on his mission for a while and goes home in October. 

This week has been a tougher one. Adjusting to a new companion is one thing but having the work go absolutely no where on top of it is another. We have been doing everything we are supposed to and working just as hard we always do but this week nothing happened. 

There was one miracle. We were able to get back into contact with a lady who had requested a missionary visit a few weeks back. We had left her with a Book of Mormon and she was very excited to read it. When we went back over she had been reading a praying about everything we had taught her. She is hungry for knowledge so she has been using to help her find answers to a lot of her questions. She knows it's all true! Her only thing holding her back for accepting baptism is that she wants to know more and have a more complete understanding of the gospel. But she know that she will arrive at that understanding over time and has no doubt that baptism is in her future. 

Unfortunately that's about the only good thing that has happened this week. It's getting tiring dealing with so many angry people, and so many people that just aren't home. I'd be a rich man if I had a dollar for every time we called a disconnected phone number. I think the worst part about the whole situation is the knowledge that I'm doing everything I'm supposed to, but still feeling like its my fault or something I'm doing wrong. I know this gospel is true and it is almost painful when people don't understand or feel what I do.

Enough about me and my problems lets get to the stuff you actually want to hear about. So on Elder Burkart's first night here so many things went wrong it wasn't even funny. We had two appointments set up for the evening and a member coming out with us so it was looking like it would be a really great night. Only things started going wrong as soon as we pulled in the driveway of the first house we were going to visit. We had just just faced the rejection of a no show appointment and were getting back into the car when Elder Burkhart's nose decided to start violently bleeding. He got blood all over his shirt and tie before I was able to grab the handkerchief (Auntie Paula you're a lifesaver with that idea) in my bag and give it to him to try and stopper the eruption. We drove over to the next house we were trying to see and they also were not home. So we quit and just went home teaching with the person who was with us. 

We actually ended up doing some service for the lady we saw with him a few days later. She had just finished a ton of hard work so had a huge pile of branches and bushes. So we spent and afternoon (in 103 degree heat) breaking the big pile down into smaller ones so the city could come and collect it. 

Last night was a pretty interesting night. We had a member of our bishopric coming out with us to try and see some people in Stanfield. As soon as I got into his car I began to feel a little sick. I should probably preface this story with the fact that we had our wards monthly potluck after church. At this point you can probably tell where this is going. So we try a few home of people we can't get into contact with over the phone and they aren't home (shocker). We go over to another house of a less active family and we get let right in. As the night has been progressing so to has my nauseated feeling. We are standing in their kitchen talking when the feeling gets worse and worse and I just can't fight it anymore. I ask to use the washroom, they are Hispanic and American so they have no idea what a washroom is so I ask to use the bathroom and they point down the hall. I'm halfway down the hall when the contents of my stomach arrive in my mouth. Luckily I manage to hold them inside my mouth in time to make it to the toilet. After a short powerful lesson we decided it was best if we headed back to the church. I was discreet enough about vomiting that no one realized I did it but when I told everyone in the car we decided that round two should probably happen at a toilet not on someones porch. So we get back to the church, I puke, we send of our abysmal numbers for the week, come home and do an awful nightly planning session because I can't think straight, and I go to bed and make Elder Burkhart deal with our call ins. Gross end to a gross week. Hopefully this one turn out a bit better. 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures

Love you!
Elder Galvin

My new Companion Elder Burkhart and I chilling at the church.

The One Where I Like Sushi?!

Hello Family, Friends, Strangers, and the people in Salt Lake City who
monitor all our emails! How are you doing?

This has been another wonderful week for me. First of all, some transfer news. Elder Ashcroft and I will be parting ways this Tuesday as he is getting transferred out of Albemarle. I feel really bad for him because he is going to his fourth area with his fifth companion and he has only been out six months. Also, Elder Russell will be leaving Albemarle and not getting replaced (because he is irreplaceable) so the trio is going down to a regular companionship. Finally an even playing field.

The weeks as a missionary are beginning to blur together. It's seems like as soon as our accountability email is sent out on Sunday the entire week vanishes from memory. Thank goodness I am writing a journal.

Our mother/daughter investigators are progressing well they are really enjoying the Book of Mormon. They are reading it slowly but surely and are really feeling the spirit of it. We have re set a baptismal date for them for the 11th of July! Hopefully they can make it this time. In other news, an investigator who I taught in Lenoir was Baptized last month! We got our newsletter today.

This week I went on another exchange, I went with Elder Russell and Elder Kristensen and it was a blast! We had so much fun together! We did service at Habitat for Humanity and unloaded four palettes from a semi truck by hand. That was less than fun and we got super sweaty and gross (109 Fahrenheit ugh) but it was worth it because they got to
talk to some people who they wanted to start teaching. It didn't pan out in the long run but what actually does.

This Saturday was the baptism of Brooke, the second person the be baptized this month that the Elders stole from us. :) It's all good though. As long as the work is getting done. Maybe I'm just not supposed to baptize. Which really doesn't make any sense because I know I'm doing what I'm supposed and I can't fault myself for other people's agency.

Wednesday after our District Meeting we went to this Japanese place called Little Tokyo for district lunch. I was coerced by Elder Ashcroft and Sister Steimle into eating sushi and it actually wasn't that bad. Granted I did eat it with spicy mayo but overall I liked the taste. I didn't have anything too crazy, and I only had a couple pieces but it may be something I'll try again in the future. Though it is really expensive.

Elder Ashcroft and I finally recorded the NCCM cup song today. Hopefully it will show up on my blog. I'm not sure if videos work butI imagine they would. (on a side note, I have tried to upload the video but it didn't work...stayed tuned as I will keep trying to figure it out)

Well, remember to have a great week. Have I told you lately how much I love y'all?!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures.

Elder Galvin

P.S. If you could please keep the Molchak Family in your prayers as Brother Molchak recently passed away due to a tragic accident. My love and support goes out to all those who were affected.

My district at our meeting this week

Elder Russell and Kristensen and I on exchange

Me, Elder Ashcroft, and a ward member

The One Where We Listen to the Radio with a Laotian Man

This was another really good week. Our zone activity at Defy Gravity was so much fun! We had such a good time and I stayed sore for like three days after but it was so worth it!

Tuesday night marked the most uncomfortable car ride I have had on my mission. We were with a Laotian member of the
ward who doesn't speak any English. When we got into the car he was jamming out to the radio. As we usually do we ask them to turn it off, only because he didn't understand us he glared at us and said no. So we had to drive half an hour listening to music. It was the best worst thing ever, I was so uncomfortable. Elder Ashcroft was loving it though.

We saw Jack again this week, he gave us a tour of his house and gave me a Gideon's Bible. He was interested in the word of wisdom, which isn't what we teach on the second lesson but I guess we teach to interests.

This week I went on exchange with my District Leader Elder Valgardsen. It was really great! We got rained on pretty hard but other than that it was pretty good. We went down to a town called Wasesboro and dropped off a bible for someone. She was really nice and told us she was planning on starting her own church. We doubt she will go back but we are planning on calling her to see if she read the Book of Mormon.

Friday was our last zone conference with President and Sister Craven. It was really bittersweet for all of us missionaries. I had to give a talk. At first I thought I dodged the bullet. President Craven called two missionaries up so I was feeling pretty safe. Then after the first Sister have her talk he was like, we'd also like to hear from Elder Galvin. The scary part was we had just received a training on how to give a talk so I had the entire zone evaluating me after I gave my talk. I spoke on the commandment to study our scriptures. I think I did really well. President and Sister Craven both said they had never looked at scripture study the way I talked about it before so hopefully that's a good thing. I talked about how it was Joseph's Smiths scripture study that lead to the restoration of Christ's church before his prayer.

That's about all that happened this week. It was probably one of the better ones as far as missionary work is concerned. We taught a lot of people. We are getting better at figuring out the area. Elder Valgardsen is predicting the two of us will train next transfer. We get transfer calls this Saturday (which is crazy because this transfer feels like it just started) so you will know next week!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures

Love you!
Elder Galvin

Me with a Hedgehog

Our front of our apartment at sunset

The One Where I Learn How to Lock Pick and an Old Man Talks about Urination

This week has been another crazy one, and unfortunately I do not have much time to write today because we are doing a zone activity at some place called 'Defy Gravity' like an hour away. It's a trampoline park which hopefully is as much fun as it sounds. So for this week I'll just tell some funny stories.

On Tuesday we went to talk with one of the sisters former investigators who happened to be an elderly man. He let us right inside and he was really nice. He isn't too interested in relearning about the gospel but he was very happy to talk with us and we tried to teach him things. He's pretty convinced that The book of Mormon is true but most people are. They just can't seem to pick up the thing and read it! Anyways we started off on a really good conversation and he started telling us about all the surgeries that he's done. It started with his heart surgery and ended up with his prostate problems. Long story short he said he's been doing prostate exercises and now can stand on his porch and pee over two bushes! It was pretty awkward but also very funny.

We also were over some less actives home and that was a pretty inspired story of how we got over there but before we had our conversation with her she told us this funny story. Apparently her sister works as a dispatcher and last week she received a call from someone who said he was Jesus. The conversation went something like this:
Lady: Hello you have reached the Sherrifs department how can I help you?
Man: Hello. Yes. This is Jesus calling. I'm just letting y'all know that tomorrow between the hours of ten and eleven am I will be sounding the trump and the pearly gates of heaven will be opening.
Lady: Thank you for letting us know that Jesus.
Man: I just thought that I would let the Sheriff and everyone know that this would be happening so they don't worry tomorrow.
Lady: Jesus, could we take your phone number so we can call you if we have any questions?
Man: Another thing that I think you should know is that the sheriff, you and all the people who work at the sheriffs department have made the list and you will be coming up into heaven with me.
Lady: Well thank you Jesus we are very glad to hear that.
So the conversation went similar to that. She got his phone number and Jesus' name he goes by on earth. It was pretty funny. So know you know that I have a connection with Jesus so in case anything goes down I know who to call!

Yesterday we had teams with Brother B. He took us to see some of our investigators but they weren't home. Long story short, we ended up at this other house that the investigator owns that is super old and hasn't been lived in for like 15 years. Brother B works in real estate and he wanted to get a look inside the house. Since the owner didn't have a key Brother B was like, no problem I'll be right back. And goes into his car and grabs a lock picking set! He apparently does this all the time since he works with a lot of foreclosures.

Sorry for the short email. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures!

Love you!
Elder Galvin

We went to this Amazing Restaurant that was featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins  and Dives on one of my favourite Channels...The Food Network

All of us Elders with Sister Champagne and her daughter.

The One With Toothpicks and a Famine

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great week, I know I sure did.

This week is been pretty normal which is been an exciting change of pace. We've actually been teaching people and not just pounding our face against a wall hoping something will happen. We've seen a lot of miracles and also a lot of tender mercies. I've been able to get members out to help us in increasing amounts and overall things are just looking up.

Our biggest miracle of the week has come in the form of a mother and her daughter. The daughter is the fiancé of a returning member. We were introduced to them by a member of our ward and were able to teach them on Saturday evening. We were able to have the right member present and they accepted the invitation to be baptized on June 27! Things are finally looking up for the Albemarle II elders!

This week also marked the most unique service opportunity I've had so far on my mission. We helped a member of our ward with his neighbor. His neighbor is a lady who is 90 years old! She's living in a nursing home and wanted to visit her house one last time before it's put on the market so we spent the hour making sure she didn't fall. That would not have been a good thing to have happen!  Thankfully she was in a wheelchair so it was mostly just a transition in and out of the vehicle that we had to be there for. She was quite the character though, she knew where everything in her house was, she even had Brother Ashby rummage through a cupboard to find a box of toothpicks that she wanted to use to clean her ears. She's really old we didn't question it.

This week has also been a bit of a famine for us. We only had one dinner appointment this week. By Sunday night I was eating tortillas with packets of mild sauce from Taco Bell because that basically all I had in the house. Hopefully this week will be a bit better though I'm not sure because I haven't seen the meal calendar yet. Oh well. 

That's about all that happened last week. Again a lot of the usual finding, teaching and trying to baptize. We did do another fun thing this week, I wrote a North Carolina Charlotte mission version of the cup song. It was some inspiration I received on the way home from a teaching visit Saturday night. I was sitting the back of this members van and the idea popped into my head and I had it written in like two minutes flat. We're going to have to record it at some point because it's pretty great. We have a zone meeting this Friday to look forward too. My first zone meeting not in Hickory which is sad but exciting too. 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures!

Love you!
Elder Galvin

My new bedroom

Study area

Kitchen...where more cooking should happen ;)