Monday, 13 July 2015

The One Where We Pray with a Drunk Man on his Toilet

This week has been hard and I'm glad it's over. I wish there were more things to talk about but it can be summed up very well in the statement, "we tried". It was filled with a more than usual amount of cancellations, empty houses, unanswered phone calls and disinterested people. I'm just getting very worn out and frustrated. There were a few bright spots that happened. 

We had an interesting experience on Wednesday morning. We arrived at the church for what we thought was district meeting. We got everything set up, and we're sitting around waiting for everyone to show up. When it got to be 10:00 and no one was there we called the other Elders and asked when they were going to be there. As it turns out they weren't coming because we didn't have district meeting that day. Somewhere along the line we neglected to get that information. We did have zone meeting that Friday which made up for it. Those are always fun. 

Friday night we had an impromptu dinner and service project with a member in our ward. He was having a garage sale and needed help moving a fish tank. So we went over his house in our normal missionary clothes thinking we'd be moving just a fish tank. We were wrong. A single fish tank turned into clearing out his entire neighbors house worth of stuff and moving it to her living room so he could drag it out the next morning. We didn't have any solid appointments that night so it was alright. The only problem was that it was about 100 degrees in her upstairs and we were getting absolutely filthy, plus I was wearing a pair of dry clean only pants. But it was fun anyways. We felt sort of bad for not being able to teach anyone that night but the fact we would have faced rejection, we were repairing a loss of trust with missionaries, and he bought us snow cones afterwords made it all better.

We had a very interesting experience this Saturday morning. We had an appointment with M that morning and we had a member lined up to take us down there. She lives in a town called Norwood which is about fifteen miles south of Albemarle. Our ride cancelled on us and we decided that because that was basically the one set appointment we had managed to get the entire week we had to bite the bullet and ride down there. Well turns out she wasn't home so we were pretty bummed. However, Elder Burkhart observed a street name that we had been looking for about a week before. We had a potential investigator that lived on this street but the sisters had typed in the wrong city so we had no idea how to find him. We figured this would be our best bet. So we drove down the road but the house number didn't exist. We saw this old man on a scooter on the side of the road and decided we would ask him if he knew the person we were looking for. As we started talking with him it was clear he was incredibly drunk. He was hard to understand but we figured out that he wanted us to follow him. So we drove down the street following this drunk old guy in his motorized scooter. The story gets better. 

So we arrive at his house and he takes us inside and sits us down on the couch where he starts talking with us. He says we were sent by God to go and see him that day. He then grabs our hands and starts praying with us. He finishes and starts talking to us again about who knows what. He kept on repeating the phrases "because I am who I am" and "my god is no joke". He also told us about a hundred times that he was an undertaker. Eventually he got up and wanted to show us something. We follow him into his washroom and he sits down on his toilet to show us his bibles. Direct quote here "I like to read my bible when I go poo poo". After the washroom experience we takes us back to the living room, we pray again, and he has a violent cuss filled outburst on the advertisement for a funeral home. We taught him and a less active member that was there the restoration, said have a nice day, and left. He wants us to come back again. Funny side note, he's actually the grandfather of M. 

Saturday we also met a lady who wanted us to teach her again the next day, only she wanted to bring along her pastor with her. We agreed especially since the church she went to is one of the biggest in Albemarle and that would be quite the congregation to convert. But her husband came out quite angrily the next day and told us they were already members of a church and to go away. Oh well, we tried. 

Here's to hoping next week isn't awful. 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures
Elder Galvin

We went to DQ last p-day for blizzards...YUM!


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