Monday, 27 July 2015

The one with the car breaks down and we shoot rubber bands of toilet paper

This past week happened. 

Monday night was filled with some really great non missionary work things. We tried to see some people but no one was home expect for this one lady who was busy so said to come back the next night. To continue that story, we showed up and parked out on the road (she lives in an apartment complex). We saw her sitting out side of her house as we walked up. We walked around a building and she fell out of view. When her apartment came back into view she was no longer outside. And then she didn't answer us when we knocked on the door. 

We did get a text from my missionary mom, Sister Champagne, telling us to come by the shaved ice place where she works for a free treat. Which we did and it was wonderful. It was the first time that Elder Burkhart had met Sister Champagne so that was fun. Funny side story, this Sunday at church Sister Champagne totally put her hand on my shoulder and went into hug me not thinking. I just looked at her funny with my hand out. She then realized what she was doing and shook my hand instead. We had a laugh about it. 

Monday night also featured the most beautiful storm I have ever seen. We were heading out of the church when we could see these huge storm clouds just flashing with lightning. We sat and watched for like five minutes. After planning that night I sat outside in the rain with an umbrella watching the Lightning for almost an hour. It was insane. 

Tuesday was actually a really good day. It was the only really good day this week as far as missionary work goes. That morning we went over to A's house and taught his father's aid. Then we went with him across the street to the house of his neighbor. She recently moved in with her son.  She wants to get back into going to church so we were able to teach her. We also taught her again a few days later when we brought the relief society president over. We have a dinner planned with her, Artie, and two other women form out Ward this week. We hope that we can get her son into the church as well.

That night we were out with a member from out Ward and the GPS took us on a whole lot of roads that weren't really roads. It was quite the adventure. We were driving past people's deer stands in the middle of the forest and on peoples driveways and stuff. It's the problem with being on a reduced mile budget and having to drive everywhere using the shortest route. 

Wednesday we had interviews with our mission president which was good. It was nice to finally get to talk with him and get to know him a bit better. We were driving with a recently returned missionary in the Ward. As we were driving home the steering on the car was being really off. It kept on pulling one way and the other and the car was swaying a lot. As we were about fifteen minutes from home we were stopped at a stop light and we could smell this horrible burning smell. A couple of miles down the road the car started making this horrible noise and smoke was billowing out of it. Long story short, his dad and brother came to our rescue and we got driven back to the church. 

That night I had a really great little experience. It made me happy. The night before during planning I felt really impressed to go visit this one less active man who was on a Do Not Contact list. So that night we were in the area and we stopped by. He didn't come to the door right away and I was writing him a note. My companion was already standing by the car when he showed up at the door. He stepped outside and told us he was about to start dinner but asked if we could leave him with our number and he would call us. He never has called and I really doubt he will but I feel good about following a spiritual prompting. 

This Thursday we went on exchange with the zone leaders. We were able to call on a member we did service for as a last minute backup to drive us that night. We would have had to drive to Wadesboro (42 miles south of Albemarle) by ourselves. That is why you do service for active members! Because they will like you and you will repair the trust lost by other Elders! Plus they also take you to SnoBiz for shaved ice and another Sister Champagne visit. 

This Friday and Saturday aren't worth mentioning. We had some great days planned with some not so great results. Sunday was a lot of fun though. Elder Burkhart and I taught the Gospel Principles class. That went really well. 

Sunday night we went to Hmong Family Home Evening. It basically a party where a bunch of the Hmong members get together for food and they do a lesson and activity. The activity was a lot of fun. They took empty pop cans and tired it to a roll of toilet paper and you had to shoot and break the toilet paper using elastic bands. For the lesson we all got blindfolded and we had to wander around until we found the prophets voice. It was great. 

Hope you have a great week!

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Elder Galvin 

At the Hmong FHE

The Broken Down Truck

Elder Lesueur and I (he's one of our ZL's)


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