Monday, 6 July 2015

The One With Toothpicks and a Famine

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great week, I know I sure did.

This week is been pretty normal which is been an exciting change of pace. We've actually been teaching people and not just pounding our face against a wall hoping something will happen. We've seen a lot of miracles and also a lot of tender mercies. I've been able to get members out to help us in increasing amounts and overall things are just looking up.

Our biggest miracle of the week has come in the form of a mother and her daughter. The daughter is the fiancé of a returning member. We were introduced to them by a member of our ward and were able to teach them on Saturday evening. We were able to have the right member present and they accepted the invitation to be baptized on June 27! Things are finally looking up for the Albemarle II elders!

This week also marked the most unique service opportunity I've had so far on my mission. We helped a member of our ward with his neighbor. His neighbor is a lady who is 90 years old! She's living in a nursing home and wanted to visit her house one last time before it's put on the market so we spent the hour making sure she didn't fall. That would not have been a good thing to have happen!  Thankfully she was in a wheelchair so it was mostly just a transition in and out of the vehicle that we had to be there for. She was quite the character though, she knew where everything in her house was, she even had Brother Ashby rummage through a cupboard to find a box of toothpicks that she wanted to use to clean her ears. She's really old we didn't question it.

This week has also been a bit of a famine for us. We only had one dinner appointment this week. By Sunday night I was eating tortillas with packets of mild sauce from Taco Bell because that basically all I had in the house. Hopefully this week will be a bit better though I'm not sure because I haven't seen the meal calendar yet. Oh well. 

That's about all that happened last week. Again a lot of the usual finding, teaching and trying to baptize. We did do another fun thing this week, I wrote a North Carolina Charlotte mission version of the cup song. It was some inspiration I received on the way home from a teaching visit Saturday night. I was sitting the back of this members van and the idea popped into my head and I had it written in like two minutes flat. We're going to have to record it at some point because it's pretty great. We have a zone meeting this Friday to look forward too. My first zone meeting not in Hickory which is sad but exciting too. 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures!

Love you!
Elder Galvin

My new bedroom

Study area

Kitchen...where more cooking should happen ;)


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