Monday, 27 July 2015

The one with the birthday party and the return of the cockroach

Hello everyone! 

Hope you had a great week! Sounds like there were a lot of big things happening at home that I'm glad to hear about!

This week was pretty alright.  We were able to teach a few more people than last week which was really good. We are trying to surround ourselves with members because we know that this connection is what makes the transition to accepting the gospel easier. Nobody wants to talk to a couple of strange kids in ties, they want to talk their friends. So we are trying to become friends with the members so that they will feel comfortable introducing their friends to us. 

We went to a birthday party this week! We texted a lady in the Ward to see if we could come over and she said it was her daughters birthday. We didn't want to crash the party but she said we could come over anyways. We went equipped with party hats and a 'Happy Birthday' banner. It was such a blast. 

Last night we had a sequel. Phantom Cockroach 2: the Reckoning! I went to get some water last night and when I got into the kitchen it was waiting for me. This time we decided to end it. After chasing it from under the fridge, inside the couch and a myriad of other places, we finally herded it outside. I was able to sleep easy that night. Let's be honest I never sleep well anymore. You would think that a missionary would sleep really well being completely exhausted all the time but for me it's otherwise. I'm beginning adopt my fathers sleep habits which is a sad thing. 

We went over to a members home on Monday night and played some volleyball with his non-member daughter. We are starting to teach her so that should be good. She was supposed to come to church but didn't which was pretty disappointing. 

We went on exchange this week. I went to the "other Albemarle" with Elder Valgardsen. It was a really good exchange. We were able to talk a lot about some things that will help me out as a missionary. We also got to teach some really great lessons. 

This Saturday morning we were at the library setting up blogs. It's not ready yet but it will be another thing that we can use to share the gospel with people. It will be like Facebook posts only a bit longer. Stay tuned for the URL!

Sorry this email is a bit lackluster. I'm just really tired and can't think super clearly. Hope everyone has a great week! 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures!

Love you,
Elder Galvin
The Party Hat!

The District


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