Monday, 6 July 2015

The One With the Phantom Cockroach and a Hmong Name

Tuesday was the last day of the month and we realized that we had a ton of miles to blow. For those who may not know, I didn't before my mission, all missionary companionships have a limited mile/kilometer budget that they are allowed to use each month. Since we cover such a large area we have 1200 we are allowed to use. As of the 29th we had only used about 1050 so we decided that on Tuesday we were going to Wadesboro. Wadesboro is a town that is about a 45 minute drive to the south. We spent the day there contacting all the people that had been taught down there and saw some decent success. The biggest miracle was this one man named A. We had about fifteen minutes before we had to head home for our dinner and we had a list of about ten names left. So we picked one of the names, it was for a media Referral from about a year and a half ago. (It's a long story how we got his name in our area, basically the referral system switched over and every single media referral ever received appeared again on our iPads)  We decided we would try and see him. He didn't remember missionaries ever coming over to his house or even requesting anything but he let us inside to teach him. It went great and we went back on Thursday with a member to see him but he said it was a bad time so we are going to try and see him this week. 

That night we had another lengthy trip. We took one of our recently re-activated members out with us to Stanfield. Our member only has a two seated car since he is a single guy so we could not ride with him. None of the people we tried to see were home but thats pretty typical. He told us his whole story of coming back to church and how his girlfriend just got called to be a relief society president in her Ward. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a ton of friends to talk to about all these things about so we basically had a bro night with him. It ended with a trip to sonic. I got a strawberry malt. It was great. 

Wednesday was probably the worst Canada day ever. We had a really awful experience with a less active lady. We talked with her about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Which was a bad idea. She loves the Book of Mormon but is really struggling with Joseph Smith. She thinks we don't even believe in God. We told her we did believe in God. But she still chewed us out, got deeply offended when we tried to bear testimony of the prophet, and told us we weren't men of God. But one good thing...I did coerce everyone in my District into singing God Save the Queen at coordination which was nice. 

Thursday was a pretty good day. It was also the day that I developed a phobia of cockroaches. So I'm getting out of the shower, and I'm throwing a towel on the ground to step on. It no sooner hits the ground when I see a flurry of activity. The activity being a MASSIVE cockroach running across the bathroom floor. I freak out and am about have a heart attack. It finally crawled to where it was standing on my washroom wall. I quickly get ready and move in for the assault. Since this thing is probably 2.5-3 inches long I decided a shoe would be the best idea. Unfortunately I missed it and it crawled underneath our washing machine. It has not been seen since. I now live in DEFCON 1!!! 

We had a dinner this week with a young Hmong couple. He has this sort of initiation with the missionaries. You have to eat a Hmong pepper (comparable to a Thai Chili) and you get a Hmong name. My name is Hwj Cim Muas. It means "the power of". Elder Burkhart's name means gold money.  

We also got to meet our new mission president this Friday. He is such a a amazing person and his wife is super sweet. She is very quiet and he is pretty not. They are going provide such great leadership for our mission and will be very helpful in preparing us for life as well since he is a super successful person. 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures

Love you!
Elder Galvin


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