Monday, 6 July 2015

The One Where I Learn How to Lock Pick and an Old Man Talks about Urination

This week has been another crazy one, and unfortunately I do not have much time to write today because we are doing a zone activity at some place called 'Defy Gravity' like an hour away. It's a trampoline park which hopefully is as much fun as it sounds. So for this week I'll just tell some funny stories.

On Tuesday we went to talk with one of the sisters former investigators who happened to be an elderly man. He let us right inside and he was really nice. He isn't too interested in relearning about the gospel but he was very happy to talk with us and we tried to teach him things. He's pretty convinced that The book of Mormon is true but most people are. They just can't seem to pick up the thing and read it! Anyways we started off on a really good conversation and he started telling us about all the surgeries that he's done. It started with his heart surgery and ended up with his prostate problems. Long story short he said he's been doing prostate exercises and now can stand on his porch and pee over two bushes! It was pretty awkward but also very funny.

We also were over some less actives home and that was a pretty inspired story of how we got over there but before we had our conversation with her she told us this funny story. Apparently her sister works as a dispatcher and last week she received a call from someone who said he was Jesus. The conversation went something like this:
Lady: Hello you have reached the Sherrifs department how can I help you?
Man: Hello. Yes. This is Jesus calling. I'm just letting y'all know that tomorrow between the hours of ten and eleven am I will be sounding the trump and the pearly gates of heaven will be opening.
Lady: Thank you for letting us know that Jesus.
Man: I just thought that I would let the Sheriff and everyone know that this would be happening so they don't worry tomorrow.
Lady: Jesus, could we take your phone number so we can call you if we have any questions?
Man: Another thing that I think you should know is that the sheriff, you and all the people who work at the sheriffs department have made the list and you will be coming up into heaven with me.
Lady: Well thank you Jesus we are very glad to hear that.
So the conversation went similar to that. She got his phone number and Jesus' name he goes by on earth. It was pretty funny. So know you know that I have a connection with Jesus so in case anything goes down I know who to call!

Yesterday we had teams with Brother B. He took us to see some of our investigators but they weren't home. Long story short, we ended up at this other house that the investigator owns that is super old and hasn't been lived in for like 15 years. Brother B works in real estate and he wanted to get a look inside the house. Since the owner didn't have a key Brother B was like, no problem I'll be right back. And goes into his car and grabs a lock picking set! He apparently does this all the time since he works with a lot of foreclosures.

Sorry for the short email. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures!

Love you!
Elder Galvin

We went to this Amazing Restaurant that was featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins  and Dives on one of my favourite Channels...The Food Network

All of us Elders with Sister Champagne and her daughter.


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