Monday, 6 July 2015

The One Where We Listen to the Radio with a Laotian Man

This was another really good week. Our zone activity at Defy Gravity was so much fun! We had such a good time and I stayed sore for like three days after but it was so worth it!

Tuesday night marked the most uncomfortable car ride I have had on my mission. We were with a Laotian member of the
ward who doesn't speak any English. When we got into the car he was jamming out to the radio. As we usually do we ask them to turn it off, only because he didn't understand us he glared at us and said no. So we had to drive half an hour listening to music. It was the best worst thing ever, I was so uncomfortable. Elder Ashcroft was loving it though.

We saw Jack again this week, he gave us a tour of his house and gave me a Gideon's Bible. He was interested in the word of wisdom, which isn't what we teach on the second lesson but I guess we teach to interests.

This week I went on exchange with my District Leader Elder Valgardsen. It was really great! We got rained on pretty hard but other than that it was pretty good. We went down to a town called Wasesboro and dropped off a bible for someone. She was really nice and told us she was planning on starting her own church. We doubt she will go back but we are planning on calling her to see if she read the Book of Mormon.

Friday was our last zone conference with President and Sister Craven. It was really bittersweet for all of us missionaries. I had to give a talk. At first I thought I dodged the bullet. President Craven called two missionaries up so I was feeling pretty safe. Then after the first Sister have her talk he was like, we'd also like to hear from Elder Galvin. The scary part was we had just received a training on how to give a talk so I had the entire zone evaluating me after I gave my talk. I spoke on the commandment to study our scriptures. I think I did really well. President and Sister Craven both said they had never looked at scripture study the way I talked about it before so hopefully that's a good thing. I talked about how it was Joseph's Smiths scripture study that lead to the restoration of Christ's church before his prayer.

That's about all that happened this week. It was probably one of the better ones as far as missionary work is concerned. We taught a lot of people. We are getting better at figuring out the area. Elder Valgardsen is predicting the two of us will train next transfer. We get transfer calls this Saturday (which is crazy because this transfer feels like it just started) so you will know next week!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures

Love you!
Elder Galvin

Me with a Hedgehog

Our front of our apartment at sunset


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