Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The One Where We Get "Illegal Hand Sanitizer" ;)

This was a really good week until Saturday but more on that later. 

We had a great Pday last week. We went to the same trampoline park we went to a couple of months ago. 

Tuesday night we taught a lady in our Ward and her son who is eight and we are preparing for baptism. She works as an overnight cleaner at a doctors office and they rotate the hand sanitizer there so frequently that they throw out so much. So what happens Is she takes the hand sanitizer they would throw it into the dumpster and keeps it for herself. She has so much of it overstock at her house that she decided to give it to us. We're not sure what we're gonna do with it but at least your hands will be clean! It's even really good hand sanitizer that the surgeons use. It's in the upside down foam canister it's amazing.

So on Saturday we have to set up for the others baptism. We filled the font for them and it was pretty interesting. We opened up the doors and there was two huge brown recluse spiders in the front. The one of the most poisonous spiders down here in the south and one bite would probably kill me. Luckily Elder Burkart is a champ, and he used to corn broom to kill the both of them. That was after we tried flushing down the font but they decided to walk on water. That's why I named one of them Peter. 

We had a bit of a miracle with a man named J this week. He was someone that we had found about a month and a half ago but it kind of been in and out of contact over the weeks. We found him again last Sunday and he started wanting to learn more again. On Tuesday we went over not expecting to have any miraculous lesson but he ended up accepting a baptismal date. We taught him a couple times this week. Unfortunately on Saturday when we went over to teach and he told us that he was too old to change churches but he did say that he was going to come to church next week and he wanted to continue to meet with us. We're not sure how well this is going to turn out in the end but hopefully he will decide to continue with it.

This was also the week of everybody dropping us. All the good people that we found last week and people that we've been working with previous to that one by one began texting or calling us or not showing up two appointments. So many people told us that they weren't going to continue learning about the gospel it was pretty sad.

Even with all the down side to this week it was still pretty good. Had a great birthday this week and we had a great district lunch. We went out to this nice restaurant had a really tasty southern cooking!

Birthday Cupcakes from my Mission Mom

DQ treat on my B-Day from Artie!
Artie, Me and Elder Burkhart
My Cake from Artie and Sister Johnson

Elder Burkhart, Me and Sister Johnson
 Lots of people wished me happy birthday and I'm grateful to all of you who did. I even had two birthday parties this week one at a dinner that we had on Thursday night with Arthur Bailey and Sister Johnson. 

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Love you!
Elder Galvin


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