Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The One Where I Forget My Toothbrush

Okay, So I (Kelly) am doing this for Liam.  At least for now, it's easier for
him this way.  I'm new to this whole thing :)

Here is his first letter to us from the MTC that he wanted us to post.  We had asked him a bunch of questions and these are his answers:

I’m going to answer as many questions as I can. 

Going through customs was easy.  I got my stamped passport and the whole bit. The guy was a little grumpy though…over it. The line up was super long but it moved quickly enough so that wasn't too bad. By the time I got through there was about half an hour before we had to board. I met up with the other missionaries that were flying down from Calgs, four elders including myself and two sisters. I made the mistake of trying to get Tim Hortons which was not only a super huge line, but may have caused some problems that I’ll tell you about later. I'm digressing.  I got the whole visa package back and still have it in my bag.  It fells important and I don’t want to part with it. I actually got to take the shuttle to the MTC around 9:15 because I got off the plane super quickly.  
Moving on! 

There were five other missionaries on the shuttle with me, and they were all going super foreign places but I can’t remember much because I was still feeling ill. I got to the MTC around 10:15 and they basically stuck all the early arrival missionaries in a room and we talked about why we were on a mission and the whole bit for an hour, then we had lunch. I talked with the super cool Elder from Vancouver named Elder Okana and he was so friendly. There were quite a few Canadians in the bunch of early arrivals so we stuck together. My first day was really good. We met our teachers, Brother Kimball and Brother Barton, they are both really fun and such nice guys. We also had our first teaching opportunity and we taught an investigator in a large group setting. 

My companion is Elder Greenburg from Tooele Utah. He is so much fun and we work together really well. The rest of my district is Elder Clark (our district leader) from Huntington Beach, and his companion Elder Lewis who is from Boise Idaho, Elder Williams from Cleveland and his companion Elder Porter from everywhere in the US (most recently Idaho), and Elder Ashby from Utah and his companion Elder Seely from Washington (they are the zone leaders). Our district is wierd becasue three of them are going to Independance MO (my companion and Elders Porter and Williams (they are the Elders in my room), and the rest of us are leaving a week before them to Charlotte.

They give us six dollars a week, and no supplies.  I shouldn't have taken the PMG but didn't oh well, now I have two.  You get two name tags, one clip and one magnetic, and they said you don’t order more until you get to the field. Me and elder Greenburg ditched the "dork dot" asap and made it our goal to welcome Elders into the MTC that had been their the same time as us, so that was fun. I have no idea when my P-day is, so have fun with your anxiety for days until you get my next letter. There are 8 of us in the classroom, my district. The food is hit or miss but there are enough options it’s not too big of a deal' and you can usually find something to eat. The ice cream is good but they've only had it out one day. I slept fine, and our dorm has three bunk beds so I got the bottom at the back, it’s the best one.

Fun facts that I'm remembering, there were like 800 missionaries that reported on Wednesday because we had the people that they would have brought in next week come this week (because next week is Christmas Eve) so thats cool.  
Another fun thing is, as you have probably figured out by now, I forgot the most essential thing to have as a person leaving home, and that's my toothbrush and toothpaste!  Thankfully Elder Greenburg had an extra so I have been able to brush my teeth. 

I’m almost out of time so I’ll briefly talk about my class time. Brother Kimball is awesome.  I love him so much.  He also role plays one of our investigators named Mike that me and Elder Greenbug have taught a lesson to. I've really learned so much about teaching and its been a really great time.  I cant stop smiling!  But I’ve also noticed when I teach I get this super quiet voice and it’s so annoying...but whatever.  Also, apparently (according to Elder Williams) I have very expressive eyebrows when I teach too, so that’s cool. 

Love you guys a lot, 

Elder Galvin

Here is a picture of Liam and his district at the MTC.  His Companion is the Elder to the right of him in the front row.


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