Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The One Where I Rescue a Baby Goat

How do you even start an email. I should probably think of something
clever soon. Oh well.

This week was, I don't even know how to describe it, it was just crazy. I have no idea why I am as happy as I am because this week was absolutely brutal. We got shot down by everybody, and all the baptists are completely ignorant to the truth we share. But for some reason I'm happy! I really do not get it.

There were some good things that happened this week. We did something called a power stop by at the L's. Basically, you go to the home of an active member, tell them you are working in their area for an hour, have them pray with you, then report back with any miracles. We set up a return appointment (that fell through because she wasn't home) with the lady across the street and planned to go by with the L's. It works because you have instant fellowship because they are neighbors and you hardly have to work for the member involvement.

We tried to do the same thing at our bishops house on Saturday only they, and what seemed like everyone in their neighborhood wasn't home. We finally, after an hour of nobody opening the door talked with this one man. He told us that this lady had been out doing the same thing only fourth five minutes earlier. The Jehovah's Witnesses had been tracking where we were just before we got there! No wonder nobody opened the door.

We did see a miracle on the way over there. We were driving along the road when out of the corner of my eye I saw a baby goat that had gotten its head stuck through the fence. I immediately pulled over and jumped our of the car. It took some wire stretching and turning its head so it's horns didn't get caught but I saved a life that day.

I also got stung by a bee. We were walking back from (yet another) failed appointment when all of a sudden felt something stabbing me in the calf. I pulled my pant leg around and saw that there was a lump in my pants! The bee had flown up the black hole of an opening in my pant leg, got trapped, and started freaking out so it decided to Kamikaze into my flesh! Then it wouldn't get out. Finally I managed to pull a Florence Welsh and "shake it out, shake it out" then flatten the criminal into the pavement. I miss skinny jeans.

This Saturday we did service at the B's house with the Sisters by raking leaves for two hours. We piled them up into this huge mound in the backyard then jumped off their roof into the pile. I'm totally kidding, we went inside and had chili. There was still some to do but they said they would finish up and burn them later.

If you measure how good a sacrament meeting is by how much you cry then yesterday's was the best I've been to. I bawled for about two thirds of it. It was a bunch of members in the ward and Sister Smith sharing their conversions stories. Then bishop shared his and it was just so good. Our sacrament meeting went, no joke, half an hour over
time and it was so worth it. The rest of church was interesting. Brother J has been teaching gospel principles class but he was asked to teach primary today. So he walks in and asks me if I can teach. I don't know how I did it but I somehow managed to pull a twenty minute lesson on the priesthood out of nowhere that wasn't that horrible. Brother L also asked if we would teach young men's today about five minutes before it started. But that was easy because we just needed to talk about missions and how to prepare. There was this one kid who said he wasn't sure he wanted to go so I used my
talent of being passive aggressive to throw down on him. Brother L said he liked what we said and that the boys listened more than usually so that's good.

Yesterday afternoon we went to see the W's, they couldn't come to church that day because their dog had her puppies the night before. They are the cutest things ever! It was her first litter and she had eight. They are doing very well so far.

Well I hope everybody has a good week and are nice to their missionaries.

Love ya!
Elder Galvin


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