Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The One Where I Get the Gift of Tongues and My Face Feels Like Its Going To Explode

Being sick as a missionary is the worst! It's difficult enough trying to maintain the spirit as you're being yelled at but it's even harder when every facial orifice is leaking as you do it! But other than that this week as been one of the better ones and I'm not too sure why. 

I'll begin with a miracle story from the week. I should really start putting these in all my emails because stuff like this happens almost daily.

Earlier this week we were at McDonald's getting wifi when we ran into a former investigator of ours. We struck up a conversation with him and he seemed more prepared this time around. We set up a return appointment for Saturday morning and we were very excited. Unfortunately, we received a text from him during companionship study that morning saying he wouldn't be home and we would have to try another time. We decided to pray for miracles and have our actions that day reflect our desires. Elder Gardner felt like we should head over to the apartment complex where the former investigator lived, regardless of him canceling the appointment. We knew that there would be someone there who was prepared to receive our message. We knocked a few of the doors and had no success. We then saw a lady sitting on her porch and decided to talk with her. She said she felt the spirit as soon as we walked up and started talking with her. We taught her the restoration and about how the exact same church that Christ established has been restored. We had a wonderful discussion and she ended up in tears because the spirit was so strong. She said that God had sent us into her path today so we could talk. She was reading the Book of Mormon on her porch as we walked away. But the miracle doesn't end there! We asked her who do you know and she referred us to another building in the complex. There we met a young mother who has had a rough past but has completely changed her life around. We were able to teach and testify about the temple and how the priesthood enables our families to be sealed together. We have an appointment with her and her husband early next week. 

So this week was Sister Smith's birthday. Because us Elders are extremely kind and loving and supportive of our fellow area members, we decided to bake her a cake. It turned out pretty ratchet looking. We didn't have enough candles to fully spell out 20 so we have to use chocolate chips to fill in the gaps. Additionally, we thought we had regular cake mix but it turned out to be pineapple flavored. We also forgot icing so we had to go to the sisters apartment to borrow some. The funny thing was she didn't even clue and until we dropped the cake off the next morning. Silly Sister Smith.
The Cake

We spent a lot of the week finding. And found a lot of success doing that. We are able to teach a lot of people and set up quite a few return appointments, who knows if they're going to hold or not but at least we have them set up. We're working on establishing expectations with people so they know right up front where we see this going.

We have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish with Maximina, it started out as a sarcastic comment by me, so nothing new, but since she doesn't really understand sarcasm the next thing we knew she had gone to get her Spanish Book of Mormon. The crazy thing is I can totally pronounce all the words and even kind of figure what I'm saying! I don't understand most of it most of the time but I can read it pretty well, or so she says. Elder Gardner's previous companion was from Mexico so he does a lot better than me but still!

Nothing really exciting or crazy happened this week. We stayed busy and had little time for anything but work. I think that's how it's supposed to be. 

Send me pictures, read your scriptures!

Love ya!
Elder Galvin


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