Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The One Where 'A' Accepts a Baptismal Date!

Okay so I don't really know what to talk about this week so I'll probably just start from the beginning and move forward from there.

So after P-Day we were going to contact a media referral lady who wanted a bible. As soon as we left from our zone activity of volleyball (I crushed it by the way) I was feeling off. It's a hard feeling to describe but I felt sick and not sick at the same time, and my body and head hurt but they didn't hurt. It was weird. Anyways, we tried to meet this lady but she wasn't home so we left. I was still feeling off. We were driving and we had an appointment with A after but we had no idea what to do or why I was feeling this way. We ended up pulling into Walmart and praying to see if there was something we needed to do back around the media referral or what we should do but eventually decided we should just press on and see
A. We get to A's house, and he tells us about his plans for the future.  Long story short, the lesson went wonderfully, we did a bit of a mock baptismal interview to show how far along he actually is in his terms of progression. I felt inspired to look at the calendar and we decided to extend a baptismal invitation on a specific day. He is now preparing to be baptized on June 7! We met with him a bunch this week brought a bunch of members that can be his friends. He also got to meet President Craven twice at stake conference and he just loves them. And they love him. President Craven even talked with him and told him to move his baptismal date up, but he has some vices he wants to make share he has overcome so he can fully and permanently commit to being a baptized member of the church.
Rocking it at Volleyball

We had another fairly good week. Nothing really too crazy happened. We found a bunch of people who seemed really interested and none of the kept their return appointments. Such is life.

The other day we made the mistake of booking three return appointments with our new investigators one after another on Friday afternoon. We totally forgot that we were losing the car on Wednesday so on Friday we biked 24km and walked about 5km that day. We were exhausted and none of them kept their appointments so it was awful. We did see a cat and took pictures with it though.

We did have something really awful happen. There was this evil baptist guy who let us into his house and basically yelled at us and told we were stupid. His daughter said her seven year old autistic kid was smarter than us. They didn't believe that the Book of Mormon is true (even though they haven't read it) or Joseph Smith was a prophet because it didn't say so in the Bible. We were kind in our explanations and our teaching but they were having none of it. I wanted to yell and tell them of course it doesn't say Joseph Smith in the bible he was born like 2000 years later. Did it say Jesus' name in the Old Testament!? No! But you believe in him! It was stupid. He cussed us out of his house and threatened to call the police. I'm not sure why the police because he invited us in, we have legal certificates that prove that we can talk about this stuff and it's not against the law to be Mormon. But he was just rude.
We went on exchange after district meeting on Wednesday. Elder Turnbow came here to Lenoir. And I worked him to death! We spent four hours in the pouring rain tracting and only taught one lesson. She was really nice but she ended up duping us. She gave us her phone number and address but it was actually a business phone number and address oh well.
She did give us a referral for the people who actually live in the house because she was just cleaning the house, when we went back they weren't interested, also oh well. We did teach A that night with our ward mission leader Brother J and it went wonderful.

We had Stake Conference this weekend and both sessions went great. Learned a lot from both sessions. President and Sister Craven spoke on the Sunday session and they made a big impact on A. We also had interviews with President Craven after stake conference and those went really well. We talked a lot about A and other mission related
things. It will be sad to see him go.

Well that's all that really happened this week. We're going to go disc golfing this afternoon so that should be fun. Even if it thunderstorms on us.

Send me Pictures, Read your scriptures!

Love ya!
Elder Galvin


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