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Monday October 19, 2015 - The One with the Wedding Reception

This was a really great week. It started off on Monday night one of the craziest teaching experiences I've had on my mission. We called it, the sermon on the court. So some of the Hmong people decided that they wanted to play volleyball on Monday night. They asked our ward mission leader who is friends with them to come and open up the church. He told him that Monday night is normally family home evening so we don't normally do things like that. He said that if they wanted to play, they would have to be taught by the missionaries. So all four of us went over, and taught about 20 Hmong people before they played volleyball. We got a picture. None of them were interested in learning more but it was a good experience.

We also had a rather interesting impromptu service activity. We were just about to have lunch when we got a call from the other elders asking if we can go and help them out at a nursing home. One of the members of our ward works there and she needed help moving a bunch of really heavy chairs out of the nursing home so they could put a bunch of nice new ones in. We were unable to stay for the entire thing but we were able to help them out. Unfortunately we did not get a lunch that day.

We also in on exchange with the other elders in our area on Wednesday. I went with Elder Lopez to their area. We had a lot of fun. We were able to go and do some service for a less active lady and her non member husband.

We also had a mission conference with a member of the seventy this week, Elder Kopischke. It was very instructive. It was with a bunch of other zones in the mission so I was able to see a lot of old friends.

The next day while making our weekly planning milkshakes I went to pull out some sugar and right before it went into the blender I saw about twenty ants that were about to fall out of the bag and into the blender. Needless to say we threw it out.

This weekend went to a wedding reception for Muamnkaujilgzoo and Tyson. It was freezing outside but other than that it was a lot of fun there was tons of food which is pretty typical of a Hmong function. They had the reception in their backyard and it was decorated so nicely. There was a lot of people there to talk to and they played some good music. Apparently there is there is this new dance thing that came out after I came out. It's whipping and nay naying? Anyways...

Have a great week!
Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

I got to see Elder Dortch at the Mission Conference!!
My family sent Elder Simpkin and I a package full of British Candy!
At The Wedding Reception


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