Monday, 29 February 2016

Monday October 26, 2015 - The One with the Cow

This has been a really busy week so naturally nothing happened. It's
funny that the busier you are, and the more appointments you have, the
less things happen that are worth writing about. It's mostly since you
spend so much time doing the things you are supposed to do, God
removes all the stresses and hard times. That's a true principle.

We have had really good success with our teaching. We have two ladies
on baptismal date. One is someone that the sisters used to teach and
the other is J. "J" is so converted. She was really glad
that we were there bringing gifts and showing love when all the other
churches weren't. Service changes hearts!

So this week we got a chessboard from a member in the ward. We have
been playing it at lunch and at night. I'm not really that good at the
game but Elder Simpkin is. I've only won twice and he beats me most of
the time. I'm not sure about any strategies to use so I usually just
make a bunch of mistakes and lose all the good players then get

After our district meeting this week in Kanapolis we went to
Chik-fil-a. It was that restaurants first birthday so there was a cow
walking around the store. We got pictures with it. It was a lot of
fun. We also got a picture sitting on a cow in front of the store.

This weekend was the stake conference here. The Stake presidency was
reorganized and I totally called who the new stake president was going
to be. Just saying. They had two members of the seventy there, Elder
Hymas and Elder Anderson, I got to shake both of their hands. There
were so many great talks given.

The weather has started getting colder here. The leaves are all
changing color and it looks so pretty. I've never seen pink leaves
until I came here.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures.
Elder Galvin


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