Monday, 29 February 2016

Monday November 26, 2015 - The One where we get sent back to the Stone Ages

This was another really great week here in Albemarle. We have been
continuing all of the great work and everything is just getting better
and better.

Our most progressing investigator is a lady named P. We found her
about a month a ago. We tried stopping by a less active members house
that we had never visited before. They had previously rejected
missionaries but we thought we would try. They weren't home so we
knocked the doors of their neighbors. Their neighbor was not very
interested but we asked who they knew who might be. He told us if we
walked all the way up the road, took a right, and at the end of that
road there might be some people who need to listen to you. So we did!
And after knocking on doors for a bit we found Pamela. She has been
very accepting of all that we teach her. This last Saturday we taught
the Word of Wisdom and she had no concerns. She told us she was going
to start to tell everyone that tea was bad for them. She came to
church for the first time last Sunday and she told us it changed her
life. She really enjoyed it yesterday too.

We have had major issues with our AreaBook app this week. Mine wasn't
updating to the new system so there was no way for me to sync. Then,
on Saturday when I finally did update the iPad decided it didn't trust
the app so we weren't able to even get in to see our plans. It totally
messed everything up as far as reporting in key indicators this entire
week so we had to go back and try and remember all the lessons we
taught. It was such a pain in the butt. It did fix itself this morning
on my iPad but not Elder Simpkins.

We had another great district meeting this week. After district
meeting we went out with the other district to lunch at a place called
chipotle it's basically like Subway meets Mexican food. It's pretty
delicious. So the place got me very angry, they had all this extra stuff to
put on and I asked for guacamole. Little did I know guacamole costed
two whole dollars extra. I was not the happiest camper. It tasted
really good so I can't complain.

One of the evenings we went with member this week our appointment fell
through. Since we didn't have any solid backup plans he decided to
take us to his place of work. He works on airplane engine so we got a
tour of his shop. We saw a bunch of super expensive airplane parts and
then airplane in the hanger. We got to go inside and take pictures
inside of it. It was a lot of fun.

This week had also marked a change in the weather. While it isn't
snowing like it is at home, it is getting a lot colder. It's actually
dropped below freezing at night a couple of times. The worst was when
Elder Simpkin decided that he was going to turn the heat off at night
without telling me and see how cold it was in the morning. It was 15
degrees. In our apartment. I died.

This week we also went on exchange. Elder Valgardson came with me to
our area. We had one of the most unique dinner appointments I've had
on my mission. We had an picnic in the dark with a single mom talking
about BYU problems. It was really fun. Her son kept on pretending to
vacuum with sticks.

We also have been helping out a less active lady clean out her house. She
has been donating all of her stuff to the church to give out to
members of the ward. We have taken boxes of unused office supplies,
fabric and everything in between from her. We pack it up in our
car and bring it to the church.

Overall it was a really great week again.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love Ya!
Elder Galvin


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