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Monday November 23, 2015 - The One with a Surprise Baptism

This week was another really good week. Until Sunday. 

This week we had a lot of service opportunities. Tuesday morning we
went to Stanly Manor, a nursing home in Albemarle. A few members of
the ward work there and they asked us to come and help. They got some
new beds in so we spent some time that morning unboxing and building
beds. The next day we went to Habitat for Humanity again. I bought
some Christmas lights from there to put up in the apartment. Not so
funny story, the lights I bought didn't work. We brought them home and
when we plugged them in they didn't light up. We had to go back that
afternoon on our way to an appointment to exchange them. But the
lights look pretty now.

The service we did this week that was the most fun was on Thursday.
This Thursday was our Zone Conference in Charlotte. It was really
amazing as usual. One thing we found out at our last Zone Meeting is
that Zone Conferences and Interviews are going to both happen every
transfer cycle. Usually they switch off but a president Alexander
feels that we will be better off if we can spend more time around him
and Sister Alexander.

After Zone Conference we all changed into street clothes and headed
over to the YMCA in University City. There are some members that work
there and every year they organize a soup kitchen type event for the
community. They had a ton of food that we served to people from
different homeless shelters. They get transported there by bus and
they come and eat. All of the missionaries in our zone plus a ton of
other people were there volunteering. They had a group from Food Lion
there as well. There were dance performances done by the students of
local dance schools and some people and groups from the Y singing for
them. It was really nice. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car
so I'm going to have to get pictures from other missionaries.

On Saturday we got to be a part of the baptism of George Washington.
Not the president, the eight year old. It's been a struggle to get him
there but it finally happened three weeks before he turned
nine and into a convert baptism. We wanted it to happen while he was
eight because it would have been a mess trying to get him interviewed
and taught everything. It was a lot easier this way...a miracle story! It was probably
the smallest baptism I've been to. He didn't want anyone there. Like
anyone. But he was finally convinced to let the people there that had
to be. It ended up being us, the man who baptized him, our Bishop, his
family, and one set of Grandparents. It was nice. It was totally
unexpected though. We had an appointment with a family nearby
and I have to tell that story now... 
So we should up at the house when we told them we would be there.
One of the ladies opened the door and told us to wait a minute. Two
minutes later, one of the small children come to the door and tell us
to come inside. We stood in the doorway for the literally nine minutes
waiting for someone to come and they didn't. So we left a note on the
couch in spray paint! Not actually, we left it on a temple card. We're not going

But back to George! After that whole situation went down we decide to
go visit the Washington family. And after a brief 20 minute visit we
had planned the baptism for this Saturday. It was great!  We were
surprised but very happy.

So now to tell about P. She is a lady we have been teaching for about month
and a half now. She has come to church two weeks in a row and was
loving it. She originally had a baptismal date for the twelfth of
December but was moving along so well we moved it up on Friday to the
twenty eighth of November. We planned her baptismal service, had it put
in the program at church, and everyone was all excited. Until had a
social at her old church on Saturday night that she had agreed to sing
at and her pastor convinced her not to keep coming to our church. She
told all this to a lady in our ward who takes her to church. P feels
guilty and conflicted. She doesn't like her church or the people there
and loves our church. Plus she has felt the Spirit and knows it's
true. We were supposed to teach her last night but she wasn't home. We
are going to try and go back and see what we can do for her. Hopefully
everything works out.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures
Love you!
Elder Galvin


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