Monday, 29 February 2016

Monday November 9, 2015 - The One with the Huge Christmas Tree

So this was another good week. We had some more great member
involvement and had lots of people come teaching with us.

Tuesday morning we went with the other Elders to do service at Habitat
for Humanity. It was probably he most fun I've had there. We helped
them set up this huge twelve foot tall Christmas tree. It took the
four of us an hour to get it set it all up. It was a lot of fun but took a
long time to do!

This was a pretty busy week so again, nothing really fun or exciting
happened. We did have this one afternoon of tracting that was met with
the most stereotypical responses from people ever. My personal
favorites was when I learned a new piece of church doctrine.
Apparently, in Salt Lake City, when your child begins to believe in
Jesus Christ, you shun them and never let them back into the family.
Another one was a conversation I had with a lady after introducing the
Book of Mormon. It went like this.
Lady: Oh I've read some of that book.
Me: Really! What did you think?
Lady: Well the words were different then the King James, and even some
of the stories,  and the bible says not to change the bible.
Me: Well the Book of Mormon is different from the bible.
Lady: The words are different and the King James says not to add to or
take away from this book
Me: (holding up bible in one hand and Book of Mormon in the other) but
they're separate books
Lady: But the Book of Mormon has different wording in it and different stories
Me: Yes, they're different books
Lady: the King James says that you can't add or take away
And the conversation was basically that for a bit.

This week we did have our zone meeting. After it we went had a zone lunch
which was a gong show and a half. It was fun though. We went to Red
Robin and it was really tasty. They have the most genius thing ever.
So they have bottomless fries. They the give you the fires in this
metal cylinder. I tried to pick it up and dump it out but the fries
fell out the bottom...Because there is no bottom...Because they're
bottomless. We laughed so hard.

Sorry this isn't the best email. I can't think of anything to write
about. It was just a very regular week. We did go to TJ Max today. It
was fun. It just opened up in town yesterday.

Send me pictures. Read your scriptures.
Love you!
Elder Galvin


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