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Monday November 2, 2015 - The One Where the Police are Called

This has been a great week here in Albemarle! We have seen so many
miracles! It didn't start out that way though. P-Day was pretty
boring. Not much happened. Tuesday I was exhausted. 

I think Heavenly Father realized what i needed to boost me up so
he started pouring out miracles. It started out by the bishop and his
wife having us over for dinner . We had three dinners cancel on us
this week so we were grateful for them. We then had a
great lesson with the M family with our bishop there. It started
the week back off on the right track. We ended the week having taught
9 member present lessons. That's over double what the standard of
excellence is for our mission!

This Wednesday was our district meeting as usual. We have such a great
district. After District meeting us Elders went to McDonald's for
lunch. We dot the Mickey D's dinner box which is way too much for for
two people but we eat it anyways. And somehow I've managed to drop a
pound. It makes no sense. 

We went on exchange this week. Elder Lopez came to our apartment. We
had a good time together. We went to this one town super far away to
try and find some people but we're very unsusessful. It was funny
though. We had parked our car and had been walking for about five
minutes when all of a sudden a police car rolls up. The police officer
starts talking to us. Apparently somebody had called the police
because of some suspicious people in a suspicious vehicle. He realized
it was garbage when he saw us. He was a nice guy. I think it's funny
that two kids dressed in suits, driving a Chevy Cruze with a bike rack is
suspicious.  We did meet this nice old couple who weren't
interested but gave us cookies to take home. That was nice.

This Halloween was pretty great! We did a service project where we had
over a dozen ward members helping us clean up the M's house. We cut the
yard, sprayed down the house and it looks so good. It was such a great
trust builder with the ward. It's such a testimony builder to me of
service. It really sparks the desire in people. When we love people,
serve them, and share the word of God it inspires people to want to
change. We also went to the primary's Halloween party. Elder Simpkin
and I crushed some ten year olds in the three legged race. We also beat some
teenaged girls just so we didn't feel as bad for beating the small children. We
still won. We had to be in our apartment by 6:00 but no kids came to
our door, we even had candy and everything. We have been using some of
the candy and chocolate covered pretzels to bribe the M's two young 
boys into being quiet so we can have the Spirit in our lessons more.
It's working well! Overall it was a great week.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

My district in our matching shirts...except Elder Valgardsen


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