Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday August 1, 2016 - The One with the triple door slam

This has been another crazy busy, crazy fun week in Pineville. We had
so much happen and saw so many miracles.

Monday night was super fun. We ended our P-Day early so we could go
and teach "C". After we taught him we had a dinner with a family in
our ward. It's a long story but they live way outside of our wards
boundaries. On our way home we drove through uptown Charlotte and
stopped at this place to walk around for a bit. It was fun.

Tuesday we went on exchanges with the assistants. I went to their area
with Elder Blanco. Since he is from Columbia and doesn't have a
drivers license I got to drive their truck. It was a little
intimidating at first since I've never driven anything that big before
but it all worked out. We didn't hit anything or anyone. It did
completely pour down of rain so we got absolutely saturated a few
times but oh well. We had dinner with a less active part member family
and they fed us so much food! I didn't eat it all but Elder Blanco ate
these two giant hamburgers and regretted it for the rest of the day.

Wednesday was good. We had district meeting that morning and exchanged
back afterwords. Elder Peterson had a friend of his from a previous
area meet us at the church for lunch. He was baptized recently and has
been facing so much adversity since but has being remaining strong.
After that we saw "C" and went over the baptismal interview
questions with him to get him all ready for his interview. Wednesday
night we had dinner with a recent convert family in our ward and they
are so great! We are teaching one of their friends and he is scheduled
for baptism in August.

Thursday we went on exchange again. We drove over to Weddington and
spent a few hours with them that morning. We helped them do their
Weekly Planning Session and it was really productive. Afterwords I
took Elder Watson back to Pineville with me and we had a great day.
The highlight for sure was when we knocked on this door and the lady
let us right in, grabbed chairs for us to sit on and let us teach her
and her daughter.

Friday was busy but we weren't able to get much proselyting in. We
exchanged back that morning and spent a couple hours going from one
Firestone to the next trying to get our car fixed. We had battery
problems. Luckily it all got sorted out. C's baptism interview was
Friday afternoon and it went really well.

Saturday was so busy. "C" got baptized that morning and the service
was wonderful. Elder Peterson and I sang at it. We sounded pretty good
I think. 

We also had an interesting experience on Saturday where we had the
same lady slam her door on us three times! We knocked on her door,
trying to find a former (he no longer live there btw, we found that
out fast). As soon as she opens the door she says nope, and slams it
in our face before we get a word in. We knock again and she opened it
up and start yelling about how she doesn't need to be ministered to
etc etc. we ask her is the person lives there and she says no. Then
she starts going off about how it's late (it was only 7:45 at night)
and how it's rude a disrespectful. She then has the gall to ask us "do
you even convert anyone?" To which we smugly reply that someone was
baptized this morning. She then slammed the door in our face again
(time two). As soon as she slammed the door she opened it again and
told us to never come back and proceeded to slam the door yet a third
time. I hope her hinges hold up.

Sunday was nice. We had quite a few people come to church. One
 of our new investigators we found this week and some others. Overall it was a
good week!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Elder Blanco and I ... we are actually soaked in this picture!

Me and my truck!


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