Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monday January 25, 2016 - The one with the Quadpanionship and Lots of Snow!

I am in love with Danville! It's such a great area!

After a busy pday on Monday we spent the evening going around and seeing
as many people as we could. It helps that many of the people I wanted
to visit were less actives or recently reactivated members so we
didn't feel too bad about using prime proselyting time to do it. It
was sad to leave behind such a huge portion of my mission and move onto
something new. I have made so many friends and connections with people
in Albemarle it was hard to leave!

The next morning was spent finishing up packing. Since we don't have
transfer meeting anymore, we were on the road pretty early in the day.
But that's a funny story. We were supposed to meet a member of the
ward who was going to drive us to the stake center in High Point where
I would meet my new companion. We told him to meet us as the church at
9:00. Well 9:15 rolled around and we still hadn't seen any sign of
him. We decided to give him a call and ask him if he was in his way.
His response was, 'Oh, was that today?'. Luckily he was able to make
it over to the church quick so we made it with plenty of time.

I met my new companion, Elder Andersen there. He is really great! He
is from Eugene Oregon and is a Geology major. He took collage classes
online while he was in high school before he came on his mission. He
is only eleven days younger than me. This is my third companion with a
birthday right around mine. This is also the first time that I'm with
missionaries who have been out less than me. The two of us live in a
little house in the hood with another companionship. It's weird
because I'm older than all of them both in age and mission life. I'd
never think that I'd feel so old at not even nineteen and a half. The
other elders are Elder Earnest who is from Bend, Oregon and Elder
Everett from Alaska. They are both so great too. We have a ton of fun

On our way back to Danville we stopped by and visited with a member
who was in a hospital. She has a son who lives in Canada so that was a
neat connection. When we got back to the apartment I unpacked
everything and ate some lunch.

I'm still learning all of the names and places of people but I seem to
be catching on pretty quick. It's one of the missionary perks being
pseudo quickened by the Spirit. It's been interesting because Elder
Andersen and I opened up a new area in Danville. There used to be a
trio of missionaries but one if them, Elder Andersen, came with me to
open up a second set of missionaries in Danville. It's unfortunate
because we literally have to start from nothing. We did get a few of
the investigators that they had been working with but other than that
we have nothing. It means we're going to be doing a lot of finding
over the weeks.

The people we do have to work with a really solid though. We have
already set baptismal dates with two of them because I've decided I'm
going be bold and fearless here in Danville. I'm going to see convert
baptisms in Danville.

We did have an interesting experience with all the snow that fell. We
got well over a foot so everything shut down. Our cars had been
grounded since Thursday night and we just got permission drive again
this morning. That means we spent the whole weekend, you guessed it,
on foot. Luckily it wasn't too cold outside. My face and hands still
froze but I bundled up pretty well.

We spent one of the days with the other Elders teaching some of there
single lady investigators. We also decided that since no one was really
outside that we would walk to a grocery store and buy some things to
make cookies for people. Unfortunately, all of the stores were closed
due to the weather so we walked around in the freezing for hours for no
reason. It was good though.

They even cancelled church this Sunday because of the snow. We were
able to hold a sacrament meeting in our apartment complete with talks
hymns and everything. It was a really spiritual and a neat experience I
won't forget.

I think Heavenly Father knew we needed miracles so he placed so many
people into our path to find. As we were bold in opening our mouths
with everyone we saw we were blessed with many new people to teach.

Overall, a really fun week. It's new, exciting, and I'm looking
forward to the adventure that awaits us!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin


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