Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monday January 18, 2016 - The one with Snow, Transfers, and Baptisms!

My reign is over! To all those who haven't heard, I will be
transferred out of my beloved Albemarle all the way up to another
distant area in the mission, Danville Virginia! I have loved all of my
time here, nine months seems too short. I have grown to love the
people, saw miracles, and had a blast!

This week was no different. Monday night was wonderful. We had our
investigator N over at our bishops house for dinner. We are able to
teach him in his home and we had a great spiritual experience. He is 
still working on his desire to make changes, but is feeling the
spirit, reading the Scriptures, and attending church regularly. It may
take him a while before he gets to baptism but I don't doubt he will.

We also saw a miracle with P this week! We saw her on Tuesday
evening and she accepted a baptismal date later this month!
Unfortunately she will be getting baptized right after I leave the
area. We saw her a few times this week. The last time we saw her was
yesterday afternoon and I told her that I'd probably be going. She
cried on her driveway as we drove away. It was really sad but at least
I got pictures with her. She's going strong towards her baptismal
date. I'm excited to get pictures of the service.

P's Tuesday appointment was amazing for another reason. This past
Sunday we received a text message from a young man in our ward. He
told us he hadn't been planning on serving a mission, but, he felt
really prompted to as of late. He said that Sunday he finally made his
decision that he would go, and wanted to come teaching with us as much
as possible. We were able to have him there with us at that
appointment so we were able to provide a faith promoting experience
for him. I live for moments like this!

We are also blessed to see another one of our investigators excepted.
We been teaching a man named M for a few months now. He has a lot
of problems that he needs to work through but he's really determined
to change now. Last weekend was a really rough experience for him he's
looking to forward to a better life. He has been reading the Book of
Mormon on and off and has started to commit to change. Again, I'm

We went on exchange with the other Elders this week as we usually do.
I went with Elder Skinner to their area. We had a good time together.
It was after our district meeting in Kannapolis.

There was another great experience we able to have this week. Sunday
morning we woke up and it was snowing! It wasn't a ton and it didn't
stick to the ground but it was pretty to see.

Unfortunately I don't have a ton of time to write this week. With
everything that's going on and packing  for transfers I've been a
little busy. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity that I've had to serve In Albemarle!
I'm grateful for Elder Simpkin and for him being such a great friend
to me. I'm grateful for the wonderful times we've had together. I'm
excited and looking forward to a new adventure in another state! I've
been on the outskirts and in small towns my whole mission and it doesn't
look like anything is changing.

Elder Simpkin and I
Saying goodbye to my "Mom" Sister Champagne
Saying goodbye to Artie
Saying goodbye to the Cummens


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