Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monday February 29, 2016 - The one with Tornados

This has been a good week here in Danville! We been continuing the
finding frenzies and we've been blessed to have Heavenly Father place many
people in our path. Most of the new investigators we found last week
are referrals that we've received from current investigators. We just
start teaching people and expand from there!

We also received transfer calls yesterday. Elder Anderson and I will
be staying as well as Elder Everett. Elder Earnest is leaving :( And
we're getting a new missionary name Elder Stephens.  

Some fun stories from the week. I'll start with the spiritual then go to the silly.

So we met a guy last week, I'm not sure if I mentioned in my email or
not. It was 8:30 at night and we were in the ghetto. So a pretty
typical evening! This strange man approached us and started talking to
us. Turns out he was interested and we taught him a few times this
week.  At first his understanding and comprehension was low but each
time we teach him it seems like he's understanding more and more. His
excitement level is increasing and is he excited to come to church this
upcoming Sunday.

He was another person who introduced us to one of his friends. We are
going over to teach the two of them tonight. As we were teaching C,
our main investigator, we had given his friend a book of Mormon to
read a scripture from. His friend sat there reading the book of
Mormon as we were teaching C.

We also had another testimony builder of service. We were helping at the
food pantry as we usually do. One man approached us after we helped
him carry his stuff out and asked us to come and teach him. Apparently
he has had a rough past and wants to start changing his life. We went
by he opened the door and two of his friends came out of the house as well.
All three of them were interested in hearing our message.

It was a bit crazy because we were sitting out on their porch as we
were initially teaching the three of them, the rain started.
Luckily we got inside before it started to torrentially downpour. As soon
as we got inside as I taught I got Elder Anderson to call the other
missionaries. We knew they were out on bikes and we didn't want them to
get too wet. It turns out they made it home OK.

During the crazy storm three tornadoes touched down in Danville. We were
out driving in the crazy storm and it was pouring rain like crazy!

The Spanish missionaries from Greensboro came up to Danville to spend
the night and day with us.They've never been up to Danville and wanted
to see if they could find some people. Put it this way, we didn't get
to bed on time. I have no idea how we managed to cram six missionaries
into our small little house and somehow all get showered on time.
Have I mentioned we only have one bathroom? I woke up super early so I
could shower first. I wasn't going to deal with being late.

We helped the ward mission leader move this week. We went over the
Spanish Elders Saturday morning to help him get some big furniture
items into his new house. Moving people seems to be the most common
service we do for members of the ward. We also helped them out on
Wednesday night by painting his house. Instead of going to church for
coordination he brought us over to his home for pizza and painting

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Us Danville Elders with the Spanish Elders

Danville Elders with Elder Earnest for the last time :(


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