Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monday February 8, 2016 - The one where we meet a killer

This was a pretty alright week in Danville. We had a ton of things
that took us out of our area but oh well.

Monday night started off well. We took a recent convert out teaching
with us. We saw one of our new investigators and got disrespected.  ....  
pretty hard. We come into his house and right in the middle of the
lesson he grabs an Xbox controller, puts on a head set, and begins to
play Call of Duty. His wife came out and we talked with her for a bit
then we left. Yeah he was dropped.

Wednesday we had interviews with our mission president. No one was
able to drive us down so we had to take a shotgun to our miles budget
and drive over an hour to Greensboro ourselves. Interviews went really
well we also got to teach President and Sister Alexander the
Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in four minutes. It went
really well.

We had a neat experience that gave me a testimony of doing service. So
when we do service at the food pantry we usually just help people
carry out their boxes. Well the night of the day we did service we
were out and about trying to contact some formers. When we knocked on
one of the doors of a man, mind you its 8:30 so most people are angry,
he opens the door and shouts "hey, I recognize you!"  We were a bit
confused and he asked if we did service at the pantry and we said yes.
Well apparently we had helped this man carry his boxes out. He was so
impressed he let us teach him and we are going back to see him!
Service softens hearts!

We also had this really great phone lesson we were not expecting. We
were in our weekly planning session and we decided to try calling a
few of our referrals. There was this one lady who we had no information
for other than a name and phone number. In her background info it said
there was a member of our ward, who they didn't mention, who had
talked to her at a grocery store, asked if she was Christian, and said
she wanted to  meet with other Christian women. So there wasn't much
to go off of. We ended up having this amazing twenty minute long
discussion, she asked us some wonderful questions, and she wants to
take us out for dinner so we can discuss more. We're looking forward
to it.

We also had a zone meeting this week. I hate to say it, but I really
miss my last zone. Maybe it was just an off meeting, maybe I just
don't know anyone. Its sad because I usually love zone meetings. 
I worry I'm getting cynical about missionaries because everybody talks 
but nobody seems to say anything. I don't know it that made sense. But 
I got to see Elder Ashcroft again which was great!

There was this really scary contact we made with someone. Well it
wasn't really scary. We were out walking and we saw someone so we
tried to give him a card. He came over and accepted it. Then I saw his
teardrop tattoo. Elder Andersen didn't notice it and wondered why I
cut our conversation short. I told him it's because it's late, were in
a dark alleyway, and we're talking to a guy who has killed someone
before! He understood.

There were also two people baptized this Saturday. The other elders
were working with them. It was a really nice service. Apparently the
water was super cold though. Our investigators didn't come to the
baptism or church the next day like they were supposed to which is sad.

Overall it was a really good week.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Elder Earnest and I building lego without using the instructions and while wearing our matching hats !


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