Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Monday March 21, 2016 - The one where we go down the rabbit hole

This has been a very strange week. It was super slow at the beginning
of the week but picked up a lot by the end.

A few highlights...
Hanging out in Caswell County

This week featured me having a 'quarter life crisis'. It's a term I
picked up from a friend and is a pretty accurate description . We were
teaching a recent convert and I realized that it was less than five
months until I turned twenty and nine months until I finished my
mission.! It was like everything just got super real for a minute. It
was crazy!

This Sunday we took a trip down the rabbit hole to visit a
investigator in the psych ward. There we met a guard outside the bolted shut
doors. He made us lock up all of our stuff and waved us down with a
metal detector before we were allowed to go inside. It was crazy. It's
basically prison. We were able to have a nice visit though.

We did service at a members house this week in addition to our usual
service at the Food Pantry. We had our plans fall through one night so
we went over and helped him remove wallpaper. I got to use this super
crazy steaming machine to loosen the wallpaper before scraping it off.

We went on a ward council split after church. We've decided that on
third Sunday's we as a ward council are going to go and visit people.
I split of with our bishop and Elder Andersen went with our ward
mission leader. The other auxiliaries went out and visited people too.
It was super successful. We did the math and if each full auxiliary
presidency and both sets of missionaries split into groups of two and
each team visited three people, 60 families could be visited. That's a
lot. We're working up to that. Bishop and I visited a couple of less
active families. It went really well.

We've been getting an increasing amount of meals which is also nice.
It's a nice break from having all the same things to eat. 

Overall this week was pretty good.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin


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