Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monday December 28, 2015 -The one with CHRISTMAS!!!

This is been a wonderful Christmas week in Albemarle. We had a
wonderfully fun time with everyone who we were able to spend time
with, and a great time Skyping our families!!

This week started off on a positive note. We had a Christmas party on
Tuesday. Three zones from our mission gathered together and we had an
amazing time. It was a six hour long meeting that started off with a
musical number and a one minute testimony from each missionary in each
zone. It took a while, about an hour and a half, but it was really
nice to hear everyone's testimony and such wonderful music.

After that the senior missionaries put on a bit of a program for us.
They dressed up in different costumes to form a nativity scene and we
sang a bunch of hymns. It was really fun. The last song we sang was Oh
Holy Night and everyone butchered it. Oh well.

After a wonderful lunch made by the senior missionaries we played this
fun game with all the missionaries. It got a little intense. Afterwords,
President Alexander gave a little devotional. We all got our presents,
the mission got us things too, and then we went home.

Our Christmas eve evening was wonderful. We had dinner with the Cummins
family in our ward, and ate a traditional meal for their family. She made homemade
turkey noodle soup, a recipe that her family had brought across the
plains as pioneers. Elder Simpkin and I each received a beautiful quilt that she had sewn us!!

Christmas day was nice. Were able to teach one of our investigators
that morning in the home of a member. We held a little 
Christmas party together with them but keep the spirit with a little Christmas
lesson. That afternoon we spent with the Champagne family. We spent our
time Skyping with our families and eating a tasty Christmas dinner. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday was a bit different. One of the missionaries in Albemarle was
pretty sick so we each took turns watching him. I made him drink a
bunch of nasty things that hopefully made him feel better. I also baked
him some muffins. While it was my shift I decided to clean their
bathroom because it was absolutely disgusting. They no longer have
mold stains in the bathtub so that's a plus. It was even more
interesting because all I had to use for cleaning supplies was Walmart
brand all purpose cleaner with bleach, windex, price first napkins,
and toilet paper.  Somehow it worked and it looks cleaner.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful as mine was. Sidenote: I feel like
I use the adjective wonderful a lot. AnyWho, enjoy your new year!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Christmas Eve at the Cummens house...about to open our quilts!

Christmas Day at the Champagnes!  

The next two are the best selfies EVER with friends at the Zone Christmas Party


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