Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monday February 16, 2016 - The One with (yet another) Shooting!

This was a pretty good week here in Danvile! So many things have
happened this week, both good and bad, I don't really know where to

Last P-Day was fun. We went to Salvation Army and I bought a ton of $1
ties. And by a ton I mean ten. There were a few brand new pretty nice
ties that still had $20 tags on them. I also bought a few hideous ties
that I'm going to make skinny. I had my first experience really trying to
do anything with sewing and it turned out pretty good. I took a couple
of the ties, cut open the backs, pulled out the tie filler, used one
of my skinny ties as a stencil, cut the tie filler, and sewed up the
tie again using an iron to re crease the tie. They turned out really

There was this crazy experience we had this week too. We were in the
middle of studies when we heard a knock on the door. For some reason
everyone looked to me to answer it. When I open the door there is this
man standing there who I've never seen before. He was smoking a
cigarette. Before I even had time to say hello he starts going on
about how he doesn't have a car and he is staying with the people a
few doors down. His whole purpose was to offer us $20 to drive him to
Walmart.  We eventually got him to leave.

I'm not sure if I told you how ghetto parts of Danville is. We also live right
in the middle of the hood. Wednesday morning there was a shooting down
at the end of our road. We were out in the car with a member but the
other Elders were walking and heard the gunshots. Stuff like this
happens all the time. There was a firefight a few streets over about a
week before I arrived. Fun stuff.

This week we went on a mini exchange with the other Elders. Our
district has been given permission to go on exchanges within the
district. Elder Earnest came to our area and Elder Andersen went with
Elder Everett. We exchanged for the morning and afternoon. It was a
lot of fun. We were able to get a lot done.I love the elders here in Danville.  
(We are great friends!

Yesterday marked some of he strangest weather I have ever seen. Sunday
night it snowed quite a bit, but yesterday it rained all day. Because
it was still below freezing all of the rain the fell froze into this
thick layer of ice on top of the snow. Walking at night was beautiful
because the streetlights reflected of the ice layer. It was cold, wet,
and for miserable but at least we got some pretty memories out of it.
Elder Andersen and I were sliding down hills on the ice last night. It
was fun.

We spent one dinner at the church with the other Elders coming up with
a musical number. We have zone Conference this Friday and we have been
asked to do the musical number. I also one of two in the zone who
can play the piano so I have to do that as well. Elder Earnest and I
are going to do a piano and organ duet.  I'll be playing the organ.

We spent the evening with a Canadian man in the ward and his family.
We got to talk a lot about things from Canada that we miss and things
that America miss out on. Among those at the top of the list were
Nanaimo bars and ketchup chips.

Overall though we had a good week.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin


It got cold...really cold!

Elder Earnest and I having some fun! We get along really well!


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