Monday, 12 September 2016

Monday September 5, 2016 - The One Where L and L are baptized!!!

This has been great week here in Pineville. We were able to see a lot
of success.

This week L and L were baptized! It was such a great service.
We sang "The Lord is My Shepherd" because it's L's favourite hymn.

The craziest thing happened the night before. So first of all it was
their baptismal interview. The elder who was supposed to do their
interview had their ride not show up. We ended up having to leave 
our dinner early so we could and pick them up for the interview. 

We also were supposed to have an appointment that night with the guy
we found last week. That was supposed to happen at 8:00 but we didn't
get all finished up with the interviews and stuff until like 8:30 so
he ended up meeting us at the church at 8:45. Oh boy was that a hot
mess of a lesson. He basically tried to save us and prove to us how
our church is false. I calmly tried to explain everything but when he
just came back to the same points we already resolved. After that I
just shut up. 

My problem I have with conversations like that is twofold. One, a lot
of explanations presuppose belief/knowledge about fundamental
doctrines that may be unique to us. For example. Knowing that Jesus
and Satan are brothers can be a bit confusing to those believe the
formal doctrine of the Trinity. However when we have the true
understanding of the Godhead, that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
are separate and that God is the Father of all us spiritually,
including Christ and Satan, it makes a whole lot of sense. The second
issue I have is that they expect us to be theological geniuses. Not to
toot my own horn, but I'm pretty well versed in the scriptures. I've
read them enough of have a decent comprehension. But like come on. We
are 20 years old. Not Harvard professors! Anywho. Rant over.

Elder Ulrich has taught the two of us how to make ties so in the
evenings we have been tie making fiends. We bought some fabric at a
fabric store and have been putting them together throughout the week.
They look really good. We are going to be making matching ties for all
the Elders in our Zone and hairbands for the sisters using the same
fabric. We don't know how to make the hairbands but there's a member
who does. We are going to show up to zone conference in them. It's going
to be sweet!

Saturday night we had a member from one of Elder Ulrich's previous
areas come down and take us out for dinner. She was super sweet and we
went to that great hibachi place again. It was really good for him.

We also taught that Hispanic couple again. We had a translator for us
again. Wow are they ever solid. As soon as he can get work off on
Sunday's they are so getting baptized. It's incredible because even
though we don't speak the same language, the spirit is so strong and
the husband just looks at us an points at his head and says in broken
English, I understand.

Overall it was a pretty good week. The baptism was definitely the
highlight of the week but the whole thing was good.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin


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