Monday, 12 September 2016

Monday September 12, 2016 - The One Where we see President lots!

I think I am being honest when I say that this has been the most
insane week of my mission to date. Not as far as being busy with
missionary things, but with all the circumstances that occurred. Wow.
Where do I begin?

Tuesday was arguably the most normal of the days. We grabbed a couple
district leaders and drove up to the Hilliard Building for MLC. The
meeting was absolutely incredible. Wednesday was when everything began
to go down hill and the mourning began.

So on Wednesday we spent most of the day at the church.  We were planning
Zone Meeting with the Sisters. While we were there we found out that
one of the sisters was going to be going home on Saturday morning. And the
bad stuff didn't stop there.

9:30 that night we made a phone call to President.  Due to health issues, 
our companion has been having a rough go lately.
We got a call back at 11:30 saying that he was going to be at
our apartment at 6:00am to pick our companion up and take him to the
airport. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep that night. We slept
for four hours then got up and helped him pack. President came to pick
him up and it was so sad.

To say Elder Peterson and I were bummed would be an understatement. We
went back to bed and didn't get out until like 8:30. We went for a
walk around our apartment complex to get some fresh air. We futzed
around the apartment for a while feeling sorry for ourselves and I
didn't shower until like 10:30. It was pretty rough. We spent the vast
majority of the rest of the day finalizing power points and
accountability for zone meeting on Friday. Thursday night we met up
with the Sisters again to film some funny roleplay videos for Zone
Meeting. We did one video of what not to do and another of what to do.
Unfortunately we filmed the not to do video first so when we were
trying to teach the sisters seriously they kept on laughing randomly
so we had to do the take again.

Friday was Zone Meeting. It went so well! President and Sister
Alexander came to our meeting. Elder Peterson and I got up early so we
could make a huge pot of Caramel Popcorn. It was so good! We gave it
to everyone during the break in the meeting.

After the meeting we went on exchange with the Catawba Elders. It was
a really good exchange. I went down to the Reservation with Elder
Bishop. The reservation was as scary as I thought it would be.

So this weekend was crazy too. After exchanging back we went with them
to a fabric store so we could get the fabric for the Zone Ties. Then
Elder Peterson and I went to the Stake Priesthood Leadership meeting
with the Ward and Branch Mission Leaders. President Alexander was
there was well. After that a member took us out for dinner and we came
back for the Adult Session of Stake Conference. Normally missionaries
aren't allowed to go to that meeting but President had us come. The
reason he did it was because he had Elder Peterson and I go up in
front of the whole Stake and teach the Message of the Restoration of
the Gospel of Jesus Christ in four mi Utes. Luckily we roleplay this
so it wasn't too bad. It was still pretty nerve racking though. We had
a ton of people come up to us afterwords and text us saying how
wonderful it was.

Sunday was equally crazy. After the adult season of Stake Conference
we saw Elder Ulrich. Yes. As in our companion who went home two days
previous. He flew back out to attend the baptism of someone he taught
in his last area. He came to our Stake Conference and our dinner
appointment with the Hernandez family. It was so weird because he had
a cell phone!! and it was so hard to say good bye again!

We went with the Hernandez family to a lady's house in the Sharon ward
boundaries. She is getting baptized soon and is being taught by our
Sister Training Leaders. It was Sister Fragoso's birthday so they were
have a little party for her. We got there early and hid in the
bathroom. While they were singing happy birthday we popped out to
surprise her. It was great. Then we had to rush back to pick up our
car and drive to the Hilliard building for the Mission President
Fireside. He had us teach the Restoration in front of everyone again.

So that's my crazy week. We are having Zone Activity today. It should be fun.

While we were driving one day our trunk opened up and I had to crawl through the trunk to close it

Sister Fracas's birthday present 


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